Demolition of Rochor Centre to begin on 26 June 2018

News Releases 20 Jun 2018 North South Corridor (NSC) demolition Rochor Centre

    The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will begin demolition of Rochor Centre from 26 June 2018, in preparation for the construction of the North-South Corridor (NSC).

2.  The demolition of the four residential blocks will commence from the top floors, with the structure progressively brought down floor-by-floor using machinery. The demolition is expected to complete by April 2019.

Minimising Inconvenience

3.  For the convenience of pedestrians during the works, temporary sheltered walkways have been erected at alternative routes around the site. There are also clear signages at public access areas to redirect pedestrians.

4.  LTA and its contractor have been engaging stakeholders and businesses in the vicinity on the upcoming works. To minimise the impact of noise and dust affecting nearby stakeholders, LTA’s contractor has enclosed the work area with noise barriers and dust screens. A water spraying system will also be used to suppress airborne dust particles during the demolition. The contractor is also required to monitor and comply with the permissible noise level stipulated under the prevailing regulations.

5.  LTA will continue to work closely with the contractor to monitor and minimise inconvenience to the public.

6.  Works to construct the section of NSC near Rochor Centre will follow after the completion of the demolition works and site preparatory works. More information on the tender award for construction works at this stretch of NSC will be released in due course.


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