Factsheet: Unveiling the First Thomson-East Coast Line Train

News Releases 04 Jul 2018 Factsheet new trains Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL)

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is pleased to unveil the first Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) train today.

The train arrived at Mandai Depot on 25 May 2018. Since then, the carriages have been coupled up in Mandai Depot and LTA has started the process of train testing.

Thomson-East Coast Line train


LTA purchased a total of 91 new four-car TEL trains for about S$749 million in May 2014 from a consortium made up of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd, CSR Qingdao Sifang Co. Ltd and Kawasaki Heavy Industries (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. These TEL trains are fully automated. They are the first in Singapore with five doors on each side of every train car (current train cars have four doors on each side) to facilitate commuter boarding and alighting.

Following the arrival of the first TEL train, the remaining 90 trains will be delivered from August 2018, with approximately two trains arriving per month. All 91 trains are expected to be delivered by 2022.

Features of the New TEL Trains

1.        Five Doors Per Train Car

Thomson-East Coast Line train

Making its debut in Singapore, the five-door train cars are designed to facilitate quick and smooth flow of commuters.

2.        LCD Dynamic Route Map Display (DRMD)

Thomson-East Coast Line

The LCD DRMD shows information on the system network map, station arrival and side for doors opening/closing to commuters. LTA worked with designers with experience implementing similar systems in Japan for the DRMD’s graphics. For instance, graphics to illustrate door opening and closing, as well as train travel direction will be used for more intuitive navigation by rail passengers.

The advantage of using the LCD DRMD over the LED version that is currently being used on other lines is that this system is easily configurable. For example, tasks such as adding new stations can be achieved without the need for hardware changes. This is particularly useful for TEL, which will roll-out operations over several stages.

3.        Automated Track Inspection (ATI)

Two of the new TEL trains will be installed with the ATI system of cameras, lasers, and sensors. It provides the first line of inspection against rail defects or faults which may occur. The line cameras are able to detect defects such as rail cracks, missing fasteners or even foreign objects.

If any anomaly is detected, the maintenance team can intervene early and assess the next course of action, which in turn helps to improve rail reliability.

Rail Measuring System

4.        Tip-up seats

Following the launch of tip-up seats in the new North-South and East-West Line trains which commenced operations in the first quarter of 2018, around 60 TEL trains will be fitted with tip-up seats. There will be ten rows of tip-up seats per train (i.e. 25% of the seat bays per train). These tip-up seats will provide more standing space for passengers during morning and evening peak periods.

Thomson-East Coast Line train 

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