Joint News Release by the Land Transport Authority (LTA), HDB & URA - Common Hotline and Enforcement for Parking Offences from 1 August 2018

News Releases 26 Jul 2018 parking enforcement

Common Hotline and Enforcement for Parking Offences from 1 August 2018

From 1 August 2018, members of the public will be able to report all parking offences[1] through a common hotline 1800 338 6622. They will no longer need to contact the Land Transport Authority (LTA), Housing & Development Board (HDB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) separately to report such offences.

2          LTA, HDB and URA will also appoint Certis CISCO as a common service provider to carry out enforcement against parking offences at public roads, as well as in HDB and URA car parks currently not equipped with the Electronic Parking System (EPS). In car parks equipped with EPS, the EPS service providers will continue to enforce against offenders.

Better response to public and more efficient enforcement

3          Currently, LTA, HDB and URA outsource the enforcement of parking offences to different service providers. This initiative marks the first time LTA, HDB and URA have engaged a common service provider to pool enforcement efforts to enable closer coordination among the agencies, and better respond to public feedback on parking-related issues. Parking wardens will be deployed more efficiently, as they can carry out patrol and enforcement duties across public roads as well as HDB and URA car parks. This will contribute towards more effective enforcement to deter parking offences that cause inconvenience and disamenities to the public.

New uniform for easy identification

4          The parking wardens will don a new uniform – dri-fit polo shirts and cargo pants – in carrying out common enforcement works. The new uniform will allow the officers to perform their duties with greater efficiency in Singapore’s hot and humid weather. Factors such as safety, durability and comfort were taken into consideration during the design process.

5          Photographs of the new uniform are provided in Annex A.

[1] Examples include illegal parking, non-display of coupons and non-activation of digital parking session. 

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