More Electric Taxis in Singapore

News Releases 31 Jul 2018 Transport Innovation & Development Scheme (TIDES-PLUS) HDT Singapore Taxi (HDTT) Taxi Service Operator Licence (TSOL) electric taxis

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has granted a full-fledged Taxi Service Operator Licence (TSOL) to HDT Singapore Taxi (HDTT) Pte Ltd, following a two-year trial under the Transport Innovation & Development Scheme (TIDES-PLUS) involving 100 electric taxis.

2.            HDTT’s business proposal, company organisational structure, past performance records and financial capabilities have demonstrated the company’s business viability and ability to operate a full-fledged taxi service. Accordingly, LTA has approved the application and granted a 10-year TSOL, which takes effect on 1 August 2018.

3.            HDTT will be required to operate at least 800 e-taxis in Singapore. As an initial step, HDTT will be required to convert its existing fleet of e-taxis, and register them as regular taxis by 31 Aug 2018. HDTT will gradually increase its fleet size to a minimum of 800 taxis within 4 years[1], using an employer-employee model. As part of its business operations, HDTT will have to ensure that sufficient charging stations are set up island-wide to support its fleet. In addition, HDTT will have to comply with Taxi Availability standards and Quality of Service standards.

4.            With the entry of HDTT into the market, there will now be seven[2] taxi operators in Singapore.

[1] HDTT will be required to operate a minimum fleet of 800 taxis by the 4th year of TSOL issuance, i.e. 31 July 2022.

[2] The seven taxi operators in Singapore are ComfortDelgro, CityCab, SMRT, Trans-Cab, Premier, Prime Taxi, HDT Singapore Taxi.


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