Onus on motorists to pay tolls and fees at checkpoints

Media Replies 16 Jul 2018 toll charges

We thank Mr Lim Boon Seng for his letter (Checkpoints’ toll payment system needs to be upgraded; July 13).

We would like to remind motorists who travel across Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints that it is the responsibility of each motorist to pay all required tolls and fees using the payment machines located at the immigration booths. Tolls need to be paid, even if the barrier is lifted after immigration and security clearances are completed. To remind motorists of the tolls and fees payable, signs are placed prominently at locations along the way to the checkpoints and in front of every immigration booth. The vast majority of our motorists are aware and do remember to pay the tolls and fees.

Additional measures to remind motorists will be implemented by the end of this year. These include an audio message reminding motorists to pay the tolls and fees and a new drop-arm barrier system at both checkpoints.

Since 1 August 2016, first-time offenders are offered a composition sum of $50 at the checkpoint on the day of the offence, failing which they will have to pay a higher composition sum of $70 if a Notice of Traffic Offence is subsequently sent to them. Repeat offenders have to pay higher composition sums of $100 and $120 respectively.


Diane Chow 
Director, Investigations & Customer Services 
Land Transport Authority

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