New Features, New Look for LTA’s My Transport.SG Mobile Application

News Releases 07 Sep 2018

    The Land Transport Authority (LTA) today launched a new beta version of the MyTransport.SG mobile application (MTM app) which has been refreshed as part of efforts to leverage data and technology for smarter transport solutions. The refreshed app will provide commuters with real-time information to help them plan their journeys better. This is in line with the Government’s Smart Nation vision of harnessing digital technology to improve quality of life.

One-stop, personalised transport info

2.  In the enhanced MTM app, one key improvement is a personalisation function – “Near You” – to improve commuters’ navigation experience. Users will be able to set their daily journeys on the home screen of the app and subscribe to real-time transport alerts based on their “Near You” preferences.

3.  A new multimodal journey planner that informs commuters of nearby bus services and MRT stations will help commuters plan journeys across different transport modes. It will also inform motorists of traffic cameras and real-time parking availability near their destinations, allowing them to plan ahead and save time. Please refer to the Annex for screenshots of the revamped app.

4.  The MTM app was first launched in 2011 to equip commuters with static and real-time transport service information, with more than 3.5 million downloads to date. Recognising that app functionality and user-friendliness are important features to users, LTA studied popular apps for their user interface and user experience design. LTA also conducted an extensive study with members of the public to gather views and understand their needs for the app. Early beta tests were then conducted with selected Friends of LTA, public users recommended by the Public Transport Council, and other government agencies.

5.  Mr Peter Quek, LTA’s Group Director of Information Technology, Cybersecurity & Digital Services, said: “While the current version of the app offers a wide range of information for land transport users and is already well-used, we felt we could do more to enhance the experience for our users. This was why we actively sought and incorporated public feedback on possible enhancements to the look, feel and content of the app. We are confident that the enhanced app will provide users with a richer, more personalised and intuitive experience when planning their transport journeys.”

Annex: Screenshots of the revamped MyTransport.SG app

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