Progress Update for Circle Line 6

News Releases 28 Sep 2018 Circle Line 6 (CCL6) station naming

  1. The alignment of the Circle Line 6 (CCL6) was announced in October 2015 and construction works for the three final stations in the southern part of Singapore commenced in April 2018. The installation of earth retaining walls and stabilising structures for the station boxes, depot and tunnels is progressing smoothly. Thereafter, excavation works are expected to commence in mid-2019.

Public Consultation for CCL6 Station Naming

  1. In May 2017, the public was invited to submit suggestions for the naming of the CCL6 stations. About 1,950 participants subsequently voted in a public polling exercise for the three CCL6 stations in November 2017. The selected names were then submitted to the Street and Building Names Board (SBNB), which comprises representatives from the private sector, industry, academia and government agencies.

Finalised Station Names

  1. After taking in suggestions from the public and obtaining approval from the SBNB, the three station names will be “Keppel”, “Cantonment” and “Prince Edward Road”.  The selected names are aligned with surrounding major roads/landmarks which have been well known to members of public for many years.
  1. In finalising the station vernacular names, LTA consulted agencies such as the National Heritage Board and the National Translation Committee’s Resource Panel for the translation and transliteration into Chinese, Malay and Tamil. Representatives from People’s Association, grassroots advisers and leaders of the respective constituencies where these stations will be located were also consulted. LTA would like to express our appreciation to all participants and agencies who helped us in the station naming exercise.
  1. LTA looks forward to the continued support of the public to submit station name suggestions. As polling exercises for station names have generally received low participation rates, LTA will henceforth shortlist three names per station from public suggestions, grassroots advisors and academics. LTA will submit the shortlisted names to the SBNB for final deliberation, similar to the practice adopted for street naming.
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