Factsheet: Design Elements of the New Canberra Station

News Releases 01 Nov 2019 Factsheet North South Line (NSL)

       The nautical-themed design of Canberra station was inspired by the area’s historical past as a British naval base. The station’s exterior resembles the shape of a ship, symbolising balance and strength. Drawing from nautical aerodynamics, the station’s roof is shaped like a windblade to express the speed of public transit.

2.    The station’s façade is decorated with curved metal louvers at the four ends of the station to mimic the look and feel of the sleek, hydrodynamic hull of a ship, while the exposed ‘A’ and ‘V’-shaped columns supporting the stations accentuate the floating feel of its roof. 

3.    Instead of opaque panels, the station façades are installed with glass panels so that the station’s public spaces are naturally lit. Clear roof panels running the length of the station also provided natural lighting. Louvers and perforated screens are also strategically installed along the station’s sides to provide natural ventilation. To ensure commuters’ comfort, the station’s roof line is also designed with weather-protection measures to limit commuters’ exposure to wind-driven rain.

4.    To facilitate convenient first-and-last mile journeys to and from the stations, covered linkways are provided for seamless connectivity to nearby bus stops, taxi stand, pick-up and drop-off point. More than 500 bicycle parking lots will also be available for cyclists.

5.    With its extensive use of environmental-friendly building materials, products and services, Canberra station is the first station to be accorded the Green Mark Platinum certification under the Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) new Green Mark scheme for transit stations. Landscaping is also integrated into the station design through vertical greenery, green roofs and planters along the station platform and covered link bridge across Canberra Link. The station also runs on energy-efficient equipment, including LED lighting systems, regenerative lift systems and automatic dual speed escalators.

Canberra station’s Art-in-Transit piece           

6.    To create a more enjoyable transit experience, Canberra station incorporates artwork created by local artist Tan Zi Xi. Titled ‘Symbiosis’, the art piece aims to highlight the symbiotic relationship between flora and fauna. The art was created together with members of the public through a two-day community engagement workshop where the participants went on a nature walk with professional nature guides.

7.    With inspiration from nature, about 70 residents and stakeholders from Sembawang GRC created imaginative drawings of plants and animals they saw during the walk. Ms Tan then developed these drawings further to create the brightly-coloured artworks that are displayed on the façade of Canberra station’s northbound platform, catching the daylight and casting colourful shadows.

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