LTA Celebrates Outstanding Achievers in Singapore’s Land Transport Industry

News Releases 29 Mar 2019 Land Transport Excellence Awards (LTEA)

Two New Awards Recognise Excellence
in Operations & Maintenance and Promoting Safety Awareness


     The Land Transport Authority (LTA) celebrated the outstanding achievements of Singapore’s land transport industry at the 2019 Land Transport Excellence Awards (LTEA), held this evening at the Singapore Expo Max Atria. The LTEA, which takes place every two years, recognises organisations and individuals that have played a pivotal role in developing a commuter-centric land transport system that enables active mobility and encourages public transport use. A total of 31 winners received awards across the 16 LTEA award categories (refer to the Annex for the full list of award categories and winners).

2.   This year’s awards ceremony saw two new accolades: the “Best Land Transport Operations and Maintenance Initiatives” and the “Most Innovative/Effective Safety Programme by Public Transport Operator”. These two awards recognise organisations that have demonstrated excellence in operating and maintaining Singapore’s land transport infrastructure, and in raising safety awareness among users and workers in the public transport sector.

Best Land Transport Operations & Maintenance Initiative

3.   Three winners received the inaugural “Best Land Transport Operations & Maintenance Initiative” award. SBS Transit Ltd received the award for implementing two novel automated monitoring systems for the North East Line (NEL) – the Catenary Eye and Overhead Catenary System Video Monitoring System – which use innovative technologies to detect and notify operators of potential train faults. Another winner, SMRT Trains Ltd developed the Laser Track Trolley to inspect railway tracks and collect track data for further analysis. SBS Transit’s Downtown Line (DTL) also received this accolade for developing the Track Measurement Trolley which is used to measure track alignment.

Most Innovative/Effective Safety Programme by a Public Transport Operator

4.   The inaugural “Most Innovative/Effective Safety Programme by a Public Transport Operator” award was given to SMRT Buses Ltd for developing the Professional Learning and Training Management System (PROLEARN), which uses telematics and data analytics to monitor and assess the driving performance of bus captains. By providing bus captains with insights to improve their driving behaviour, PROLEARN contributes to a smoother and safer commuting experience for bus passengers.

Friend of Land Transport

5.   The “Friend of Land Transport” award was presented to two teams. SGTrains was honoured for their efforts in creating a local community for rail enthusiasts to come together, for sharing information on Singapore’s land transport network with its members through roadshows and educational talks, and for participating actively in LTA’s public education initiatives. The Nee Soon Central Active Mobility Patrol (AMP) Team also received the accolade in recognition of its efforts to educate cyclists on good cycling habits and parking behaviour. Its efforts include providing dedicated bicycle parking locations in the constituency, and distributing educational flyers to raise awareness among cyclists.

Land Transport Advocate

6.   The “Land Transport Advocate” award went to Mr Ho Nai Chuen, Chairman of the Tanjong Pagar-Tiong Bahru Citizens’ Consultative Committee. As a community leader, Mr Ho works closely with LTA, community partners and other stakeholders. Besides raising awareness of transport policies and initiatives among his residents, he also supports programmes which promote Singapore’s “car-lite” vision among the community. Additionally, Mr Ho formed a community task force to identify transport-related issues within the estate, and recommended ways to address issues such as illegal parking and traffic congestion.

Annex: Full list of award categories and winners


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