Regulations for cyclists, PMD users ‘strictly enforced’ via patrols at hot spots

Media Replies 04 Apr 2019 Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs)

We thank Mr Chee Kok Leong for his letter (‘Pedestrians’ safety first when building a ‘cycling paradise’’, 28 March).

Safety is an important consideration in our drive to encourage active mobility in Singapore. Where feasible, infrastructure has been widened and upgraded and measures put in place to regulate and encourage responsible riding.

For example, cyclists and PMD users are required to observe the lowered speed limit of 10km/hour on footpaths. It is also mandatory for cyclists and PMD users to stop and look out for oncoming traffic at road crossings.

Such regulations are strictly enforced by officers patrolling hotspot locations, equipped with speed guns. From May 2018 to February 2019, our officers recorded more than 3,000 active mobility offences related to areas such as speeding, reckless riding and the use of non-complaint devices. Punishment for reckless riding can include jail terms.

We also introduced the mandatory registration of e-scooters and power-assisted bicycles to facilitate the identification of errant riders.  From 1 July 2019, it will be an offence to ride unregistered e-scooters on public paths. Members of public can also report errant riding through LTA’s online feedback form at LTA will take such feedback into account in enforcement deployments.

We agree with Mr Chee that a culture of safe and responsible riding is key.

There is extensive publicity, education and community partnerships aimed at cultivating a culture of safety and civic-mindedness. More than 39,000 individuals, including students, food delivery riders, foreign workers and members of public, have already taken part in the Safe Riding Programme to learn how to ride safely and be reminded of the messages Mr Chee mentioned. We will continue to offer this programme free of charge until December 2019 to encourage more participants. LTA has also launched many other nation-wide campaigns such as the Active Mobility Act Campaign and Safer Together Campaign to remind all path users, including pedestrians, to be gracious and to take safety seriously.

We would like to reassure Mr Chee that safety will remain our top priority as we encourage active mobility as a choice of commute in Singapore.


Kenneth Wong 
Director, Active Mobility 
Land Transport Authority

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