Details of new ERP system still being finalised

Media Replies 28 Jun 2019 ERP system

We thank the public for their views on the next-generation electronic road pricing (ERP) system (New ERP system raises many questions; Consider those whose jobs require them to drive; Can’t mobile phones replace in-vehicle units, 20 June; Tap GovTech expertise in move to new ERP system, 26 June).

The current gantry-based ERP system has helped to manage congestion and improve traffic speeds on congested roads. However, as the current system is more than twenty years old, we are looking to upgrade the system.

In designing the system, LTA has worked with other government agencies to consider various technologies and operational models, such as using radio frequency identification (RFID) stickers and mobile phones. The on-board unit (OBU), which will replace the current in-vehicle unit (IU), will incorporate the robust security and controls necessary to enable congestion charging to be carried out in a secure manner. While some photographs of the purported OBU have been circulating, they are not actual depictions, but were instead illustrations used for a study in 2016. The OBU design is still being finalised.

We will implement the new system progressively from late 2020 and will provide an 18-month transition period for the switchover. During this period, there will be no change to the current way of charging ERP at points on congested roads.

We will carefully consider all feedback received as we work towards more effective ways of managing traffic congestion so that everyone can have smoother journeys.


Grace Ong
Director, Transportation Technology
Land Transport Authority

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