New Licence Application Cycle for Bicycle-Sharing Services

News Releases 12 Jul 2019 bicycle-sharing Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs)

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) opened a new licence application cycle for bicycle-sharing services today. PMD sharing applications will not be open this application cycle.

2          For this round, LTA will be accepting applications for sandbox licences for bicycle-sharing services. Existing bicycle-sharing licensees may also apply to increase their fleet sizes or to graduate from a sandbox licence to a full licence. Applications must be submitted by 8 Aug 2019 using application forms found on LTA’s website.

3          When evaluating applications, LTA will take into consideration the following factors:

a) The applicant’s plans to manage indiscriminate parking, including user education on proper parking behaviour;

b) Ability to maintain healthy fleet utilisation rates, including managing overall demand for its bicycle-sharing service and the availability of parking spaces;

c) Overall track record including whether there were previous instances of regulatory contraventions.

4          Under LTA’s licensing framework, successful applicants which are granted sandbox and full licences for bicycle-sharing services will be allowed to operate in public spaces for one year and two years respectively.

5          LTA will continue to impose maximum fleet size-thresholds. Sandbox licensees that demonstrate their ability to manage indiscriminate parking well, comply with regulatory requirements and ensure good utilisation rates will have the opportunity to obtain a full licence subsequently and grow their fleet over time. 

6          Bicycle-sharing services provide commuters with a convenient option to complete their first-and-last mile journeys and support Singapore’s drive towards becoming a car-lite society. As such, LTA has put stringent regulatory conditions in place to ensure that the convenience brought about by bicycle-sharing does not result in public disamenities.

7          One such measure to encourage responsible parking habits and manage indiscriminate parking is the quick response (QR) code parking system implemented on 14 January 2019. All bicycle-sharing licensees must integrate LTA’s QR code parking system into their mobile applications. Users must scan the unique QR code as proof of proper parking before they can end their trip.

8          Since the implementation of this system, 87 per cent of trips made using shared bicycles have been completed within the designated parking areas marked by the unique QR code. 

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