Standard for safe use of PMDs implemented

Media Replies 12 Jul 2019 active mobility Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs)

The Land Transport Authority agrees with Mr Lee (8 Jul, “Solve hidden woes of e-scooter fires”) on the need to address fire safety concerns posed by motorised PMDs and safeguard the community at large, in order for motorised PMDs to remain a sustainable mode of transport in Singapore.

To safeguard against fire safety risks, LTA has imposed the UL2272 standard for PMDs. This is a comprehensive standard which covers both electrical and mechanical tests. Retailers are no longer allowed to advertise, display or sell non-UL2272 certified devices for use on public paths. From 1 January 2021, all motorised PMDs used on public paths must be UL2272 certified. However, we encourage existing users to switch to a UL2272-certified PMD at the earliest opportunity.

Based on findings and consultations with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), PMD fires can be caused by an electrical anomaly to the electrical circuitry or batteries, which could result from various factors such as physical damage to the device, overcharging of rechargeable batteries, use of an unsuitable charger/battery, or manufacturing defects. When purchasing devices, consumers are advised to buy from reputable sources and to look out for fire safety standards. Consumers should also avoid overcharging batteries, modifying their devices or tampering with the electrical components of their devices. 


Kenneth Wong 
Director, Active Mobility 
Land Transport Authority

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