Inaugural Land Transport Industry Day

News Releases 22 Aug 2019 Land Transport Industry Transformation Map (LTITM)

     The inaugural Land Transport Industry Day 2019 was held today to promote greater engagement and foster stronger partnerships between stakeholders in the land transport industry. The event brings together about 300 leaders from the public transport and point-to-point operators, unions and associations.

2.   Officiated by Senior Minister of State for Transport Dr Janil Puthucheary, the Land Transport Industry Day is part of the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA’s) efforts to continuously engage stakeholders who have contributed to the Land Transport Industry Transformation Map, which was launched earlier in 2018.

Spurring Innovation Through Co-Creation

3.   To co-create innovative and practical solutions that cater to the needs of commuters and the transport industry as a whole, LTA, SBS Transit and SMRT jointly launched the Singapore Mobility Challenge in June 2019 to solicit proposals to solve several public transport challenges ranging across rail and bus operations, maintenance and commuter services. A total of 112 proposals were received.

4.   During today’s event, SMS Janil presented the top prize of $15,000 to Azendian for their proposal to develop an integrated manpower planning system which could potentially improve operations efficiency. The second and third prizes were awarded to Silentium and Carmen Automotive respectively.

Supporting Local Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Innovation

5.   LTA is also collaborating with Enterprise Singapore to create opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through its Gov-PACT programme. Enterprise Singapore will work together with LTA in seeking innovative land transport solutions to meet the sector’s strategic needs. With the Gov-PACT, Enterprise Singapore will support the creation of prototypes and trials for shortlisted and qualifying companies to help speed up the process of product development.

6.   A total of nine problem statements have been identified under the programme and the proposed solutions span categories such as scanning and measurement systems, engineering systems and solutions, as well as imaging and video analytics (see Annex). Shortlisted proposals will go through different stages of product development, pilot runs and commercialisation with support from LTA and Enterprise Singapore. For more information on the Gov-PACT’s detailed scope and application process, visit

Building Workers’ Individual Competencies

7.   To encourage life-long learning and deepening of skills, SkillsFuture and Public Transport Study Awards were presented to 62 public transport workers. The SkillsFuture and Public Transport (PT) Study Awards are given to beneficiaries who have exemplified the traits of professionalism, skills mastery, and dedication to continuous learning.

8.   Said LTA’s Chief Executive Mr Ngien Hoon Ping: “As part of the Land Transport Master Plan 2040, we are working to create a transport system that is convenient, well-connected, safe and inclusive for all. It is important that we have the support of our public transport operators and industry partners to make this vision a reality. The Land Transport Industry Day 2019 serves as a useful platform for the industry to engage each other, brainstorm new solutions and form strategic collaborations that can strengthen the industry for the future.”

About the SkillsFuture and PT Study Awards

The SkillsFuture Study Award for Land Transport Sector targets early to mid-career Singaporeans who are committed to developing and deepening their skills in the land transport sector. Award recipients receive $5,000 to defray out-of-pocket course expenses. To date, 87 recipients have benefited from the Award.

Launched in November 2015, the PT Study Award supports LTA’s overall plan to attract, develop, and retain skilled workers for the public transport industry. It includes scholarships, book prizes and sponsorships to pursue industry-relevant courses. To date, 192 recipients have benefitted from the Award, including students in the local Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), as well as in-service engineers and technical staff.

Annex: Problem statements under the Gov-PACT Programme

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