Joint News Release by the Land Transport Authority & PTC - Commencement of the New Point-to-Point Transport Regulatory Framework

News Releases 30 Oct 2020 Point-to-Point (P2P) Public Transport Council (PTC)

With the passing of the Point-to-Point (P2P) Passenger Transport Industry Act in August 2019, P2P operators will be licensed based on the services they provide (i.e. street-hail, ride-hail or car-pool services). This new P2P regulatory framework will be implemented from 30 October 2020.

2          Under the new P2P regulatory framework, P2P operators with 800 or more vehicles on their platforms will be licensed based on the type of services they provide. The new framework provides the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and the Public Transport Council (PTC) with greater regulatory oversight over the P2P sector, to protect the safety and interests of P2P commuters and drivers.  

Licences issued under the new P2P Regulatory Framework

3          Applications for two types of licences under the new P2P regulatory framework – Ride-hail Service Operator Licence (RSOL) and the Car-Pool Service Operator Licence (CSOL) – opened on 29 May 2020. LTA has completed the evaluation of licence applications submitted by 13 July 2020, and will award the RSOL and CSOL to the following operators:

Licence Type

Awarded P2P Operators

RSOL – Three-year validity

  • Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd 
  • GrabCar Pte Ltd 
  • Velox Digital Singapore Pte Ltd (Gojek) 
  • Tada Mobility (Singapore) Pte Ltd

CSOL – Three-year validity

  • GrabCar Pte Ltd

LTA has also awarded Ryde Technologies Pte Ltd with one-year provisional RSOL and CSOL licences, which will enable Ryde to fine tune their operational capabilities in order to meet LTA’s regulatory standards for safety and service provision before they are considered for full RSOL and CSOL licences.


4          Existing taxi operators have also been automatically transited from the existing Taxi Service Operator Licence to the new Street-hail Service Operator Licence (SSOL). Street-hail service operators also received a limited RSOL Taxi Call Booking Operator Licence to provide call booking services.

5          All awarded P2P licences will be valid from 30 October 2020. Licensees must comply with the conditions of their licences, including meeting LTA’s safety standards and ensuring that partnership arrangements with drivers are non-exclusive in nature. For more information on the P2P regulatory framework and the list of licensed operators, please visit LTA’s website.

Fare Regulations under the new P2P Regulatory Framework

6          Under the new P2P regulatory framework, existing requirements for taxi operators to publish the booking charges, metered charges per distance and other additional surcharges will be extended to all street-hail and metered ride-hail trips. For fixed fare ride-hail trips, operators will be required to: (a) make clear to commuters, at the point of booking, the fare that will be charged for the trip, and (b) publish the quantum for any additional charges that may be levied (e.g, fee for unplanned additional stops). Ensuring that P2P fares are transparent and clearly communicated will enable commuters to make choices that best suit their needs amidst the options available.

7          The new P2P regulatory framework will also enable the PTC to enforce against fare evasion and overcharging by drivers on trips booked through licensed ride-hail service operators. This will better safeguard the interests of drivers and their commuters. PTC will continue to regulate against fare evasion and overcharging on street-hail services. 

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