Mandatory e-scooter inspections essential to tackling safety concerns: LTA

Media Replies 20 Nov 2020 active mobility e-scooter

We refer to Mr Lim Choo Beng’s letter, “Compulsory e-scooter inspections may be ineffective, should be re-evaluated” (Nov 12).

We agree with Mr Lim that enforcement and vigilance against the use of non-compliant devices are important.

But they are effective only as part of a comprehensive set of measures to enhance safety — both for device users and the general public — which the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has established.

These include user and device criteria regulations, the expansion of our active mobility infrastructure, public education efforts on safe riding, and soon, import controls for all new electric scooters (e-scooters) brought into Singapore.

The inspection regime for e-scooters is an essential part of this framework in addressing path and fire safety concerns arising from active mobility devices.

It does so by ensuring that devices used on our public paths comply with LTA’s stipulated device criteria of weight, width and speed limit as well as the UL2272 standard for fire safety. While the regime incurs additional costs, we have done our best to make the process convenient for users, with e-scooter inspection centres at nine locations islandwide.  

Similar to motor vehicle inspections, these inspections take place periodically during an e-scooter’s lifespan to ensure that it is technically compliant and remains safe for use.

Retailers can sell only devices that have passed inspections. This helps to give consumers peace of mind at the point of purchase.

E-scooter users who fail to send their devices for inspection by the stipulated deadline could face a fine of up to S$1,000 or a jail term of up to three months, or both, if convicted.

Those whose devices are compliant at the point of initial inspection but are later caught with illegal modification could be fined a maximum of S$20,000 or jailed up to 24 months, or punished with both.

E-scooter users and businesses have a part to play in contributing to a safer and more sustainable active mobility landscape. LTA has reached out to Mr Lim to address his concerns. 


Chan Boon Fui 
Group Director, Active Mobility Group 
Land Transport Authority

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