Relocation of Jurong East Bus Interchange from 6 December 2020

News Releases 11 Nov 2020 bus interchange integrated transport hub

To facilitate the construction of the Jurong Region Line and the Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub, the existing Jurong East Bus Interchange will be relocated from Sunday, 6 December 2020. The new interchange is located opposite the current interchange, along Jurong Gateway Road between the junctions of Jurong Gateway Road/ Jurong East Street 12 and Jurong Gateway Road/ Jurong East Central 1 (See map in Annex). The relocated interchange will be in operation until the completion of the Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub around 2027.

Keeping commuters connected

2          To ensure that commuters can continue to transfer conveniently between their bus and rail journeys, LTA has constructed a pedestrian overhead bridge, equipped with lifts and escalators, across Jurong Gateway Road to provide commuters with a sheltered passage between the bus interchange and train station.

3          Additionally, there will be a new bus stop opposite JEM (along Jurong Gateway Road) to provide commuters with an additional stopping point closer to Jurong East MRT Station.  Two bus stops outside Blk 131 and before Jurong East MRT Station (BS 28301 and BS 28211) along Jurong Gateway Road have also been expanded to accommodate more commuters and buses. To facilitate the operation of buses in these areas, full-day bus lanes will be implemented along Jurong Gateway Road.

4         Most bus services will continue to operate directly from the relocated interchange. However, adjustments have been made to their routing and stopping points to allow faster travel and minimise potential congestion in the vicinity of the bus interchange. Specifically, Service 97/97e and 197 will be amended to enter the bus interchange via Jurong East Street 12 and Jurong Gateway Road while Service 333 will be amended to enter via Boon Lay Way and Jurong Gateway Road.

5         In addition, four services will also now start and end their operations outside the interchange. Details of the changes are as follows:

i)   Service 78 will start at the bus stop outside Blk 131 (BS 28301) and end at the bus stop before Jurong East MRT station (BS 28211) in the return direction without calling at the bus interchange.

ii)   Similarly, Service 79 will not call at the bus interchange but loop around Jurong East town centre via Jurong East Street 12, Jurong Gateway Road, Jurong East Central and Jurong Town Hall Road. Commuters can board this service at the bus stop outside Blk 131 (BS 28301) or outside Jurong Regional Library (BS 28249).

iii) Cross Border 3 and Cross Border 4, which are currently not in operation, will have boarding and alighting at a bus pick up and drop off point at Venture Avenue instead of Jurong East Bus Interchange when services resume.

6         Information on these bus route changes will be available at locations such as the affected bus stops, existing and relocated bus interchanges, as well as on the online platforms of LTA, Tower Transit Singapore (TTS) and SBS Transit. Additional service ambassadors will also be deployed at the bus interchange to provide assistance and commuters may approach them for directions and information on the bus route changes.

Enhanced facilities for commuters and bus captains

7        The relocated interchange will feature several improvements that benefit both commuters and public transport workers. These include more spacious boarding points at each of the seven berths and graduated kerb edges to facilitate boarding for passengers in wheelchairs. A bus berth availability system will also be installed near the bus park, signalling to bus captains when their berths are available. This will mitigate the risk of congestion within the smaller interchange space. In addition, high-volume low-speed fans have also been installed at the concourse area for better air circulation.

8         There will also be more facilities that cater to the needs of the elderly, less mobile and families with young children, including four barrier-free alighting areas, priority queue zones with seats, a nursing room and barrier-free toilets. 64 bicycle parking lots will be available for those who cycle.

9         The interchange will also come with upgraded facilities for public transport workers such as an air-conditioned staff canteen, dedicated staff toilets and a staff lounge.

10        We seek commuters’ understanding as our bus operators familiarise themselves with the new environment. The above changes are necessary to ensure safety and avoid congestion within the new bus interchange and surrounding areas.  LTA will monitor the situation closely and make adjustments to the arrangements where necessary.

ANNEX – Bus route amendment posters and visuals of the Jurong East Bus Interchange 

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