Rules, checks in place for safe use of active mobility devices

Media Replies 10 Mar 2020 active mobility

We thank Mr Oliever Tan for his feedback ("Some riders attempting to get around footpath ban”, 27 Feb).

Safety is our key priority and there are rules for the use of active mobility devices, including personal mobility devices (PMDs), power-assisted bicycles (PABs), bicycles, and personal mobility aids (PMAs).

PABs are only allowed on roads and cycling paths - they are not allowed to be ridden on footpaths. Since Feb 2016, PABs have to meet the technical requirement of the European Standard EN15194 for safety, have a motorised speed cap of 25km/h, and be pedal-assisted. They cannot be operated by throttle control.

PMAs such as motorised wheelchairs are allowed on footpaths as they help the elderly and those with mobility challenges to get around, as Mr Tan has pointed out. To ensure the safety of users and others sharing the paths, there is a maximum device speed limit of 10km/h for these devices. Additional regulations would make it more onerous for those who legitimately need PMAs.

LTA takes a serious view of errant users who disregard rules, modify their devices illegally, and endanger the safety of pedestrians. Our Active Mobility Enforcement Officers have and will continue to enforce against such errant active mobility device users. Members of the public can also report errant users through LTA’s MyTransport.SG mobile application.

We will continue to work closely with our key stakeholders and the community in our education efforts on the safe and proper use of active mobility devices.

Together, we can make our paths and rides safer for all.


Kenneth Wong
Deputy Group Director
Active Mobility Group

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