LTA to Launch Priority Cabins Pilot on the North East Line in End 2020

News Releases 05 Mar 2020 Committee of Supply (COS) priority cabin Land Transport Master Plan (LTMP) North East Line (NEL)


            A caring and gracious commuting culture, where commuters look out for one another, is key to achieving an inclusive transport system. As part of ongoing efforts to enable a caring commuting culture, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will launch a one-year pilot for a new initiative called Priority Cabins on the North East Line (NEL) at the end of this year.

2          Under this initiative, the two centre cabins on each NEL train will be designated as Priority Cabins for vulnerable commuters such as seniors, expectant mothers, wheelchair users, persons with disabilities (PWDs), and parents with young children. These cabins will be located near the platform lifts in most MRT stations, and will feature prominent visual cues and signage that encourage commuters to allow vulnerable commuters to board and alight first, give up their seats to those who need them more and keep the wheelchair spaces free.

3          Besides in-cabin signage and visual identifiers, commuters will be informed of the new initiative through video clips and station announcements which will be played at all NEL stations. SBST Customer Service Officers will also be on hand to help guide commuters.

4          This initiative stemmed from feedback received during public consultations for the Land Transport Master Plan 2040 and the Family Friendly Transport Advisory Panel. The pilot hopes to reduce the challenges of navigating the MRT system for vulnerable commuters, and provide them with a more comfortable and smoother ride.

5          Priority Cabins complement other programmes aimed at fostering a caring and gracious commuting culture where commuters are more aware and sensitive to those in greater need. As outlined in the Land Transport Master Plan 2040, LTA is committed to continually enhancing accessibility to better serve those in need. Priority Cabins will augment previously-launched efforts, such as our sticker for those with invisible conditions initiative and priority queues, and support the Caring SG Commuters Movement to create a more inclusive and caring public transport system.

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