Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) Review

News Releases 31 Mar 2020 ERP

Reduced ERP rates at most gantries from 6 April 2020 

            In recent weeks, the Government has imposed COVID-19 safe distancing measures and discouraged non-essential travel. For workers, we are promoting tele-commuting and staggered working hours, to reduce peak hour demand on public transport. With Singaporeans responding to these measures, road traffic volume in many parts of Singapore has swiftly declined.  

2         The Land Transport Authority (LTA) typically reviews ERP rates on a quarterly basis, with the next scheduled review in end April 2020. However, in response to the current exceptional circumstances, we will be suspending the regular review process and timelines. Specifically, we have brought forward the next review and will implement the following changes with effect from 6 April 2020, next Monday:

• ERP rates at 96% of gantries islandwide will be reduced.

• Gantries along expressways and arterial roads will see reductions of up to $2, with ERP charges at some gantries reduced to $0.

• There will not be any ERP charges for vehicles entering the Orchard, Bugis-Marina Centre, and Shenton Way-Chinatown cordons for all days of the week.

Details of the reductions to the ERP rates can be found at the Annex

3         In light of the unique circumstances, these ERP rate reductions are larger than usual. We will also review rates more frequently as we expect traffic to reduce further should the COVID-19 situation continue.  

4         This review is not intended to encourage Singaporeans to drive and travel more, and we strongly urge all Singaporeans to continue to adhere to safe distancing measures and limit non-essential travel as much as possible. LTA will continue to monitor the situation closely and will consider further ERP adjustments if required. We will return to the usual ERP review process when appropriate. 

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