Path safety a shared responsibility

Media Replies 18 Aug 2020 active mobility Code of Conduct (CoC)

We thank Mr Ramamurthy Mahesh Kumar (Penalties the only way to harmony on shared paths, Aug 17) as well as Mr Lawrence Loh Kiah Muan and Mr Lim Kock Lian (Tough code of conduct needed for cyclists; and Pedestrians, cyclists sharing paths will lead to accidents, both Aug 13) for their feedback.

We have heard diverse views from both pedestrians and active mobility device users. Some have encountered inconsiderate device users who do not dismount in crowded spaces, while others have seen pedestrians who continue to use their mobile devices and refuse to give way.

When the Code of Conduct for Active Mobility Device Users was introduced in 2018, we established 12 guidelines for cyclists and riders to ride in a safe and considerate manner on public paths.

For example, those on active mobility devices, being the faster ones on a path, should always give way to pedestrians – and slow down or dismount in crowded places.

We have now added four simple safety tips for pedestrians. In doing so, the code of conduct now applies to all path users, setting out behavioural norms for greater path safety.

It rests on one basic principle: Everyone has a part to play and should look out for one another to stay safe in these common public spaces.

In tandem with promoting gracious path-sharing behaviour, we will continue to expand our active mobility infrastructure to improve connectivity for device users and better safety for pedestrians.

Where there are cycling paths parallel to footpaths, active mobility device users should use them. However, there is just not enough space in Singapore for us to build distinct paths for every different user.

The Land Transport Authority will press on with active enforcement of regulations as well as public education. Active mobility device users who flout the rules will face stiff penalties.

The safety of all path users is paramount as we continue to promote active mobility in Singapore.

Overall path safety has improved significantly, with active mobility accidents on public paths dropping by about half over the past year.

We can do even better together, as we build a culture of responsibility and graciousness, for safer paths and more enjoyable journeys.


Chan Boon Fui 
Group Director, Active Mobility 
Land Transport Authority

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