Account-based EZ-Link cards available for use in Public Transport from 28 Jan

News Releases 28 Jan 2021 SimplyGo Account-Based Ticketing (ABT)

From 28 January 2021, EZ-Link adult cardholders will have the option to update their existing EZ-Link cards to account-based at ticketing machines or buy new account-based EZ-Link cards from TransitLink Ticket Offices.

2                 These cards come with a backend account that will allow commuters to top up their travel cards through a mobile application anytime, anywhere. This saves them the hassle of queuing to top up at ticketing machines, or having insufficient value on their travel cards with no ticketing machines nearby. Commuters can also top up their family members’ account-based travel cards. In addition, commuters will receive notifications when the balances in the account of their cards are low. If they misplace their cards, card holders can also use the mobile application to block further transactions.

3                 This move towards account-based ticketing is part of LTA’s commuter-centric efforts to make commuting more convenient. In the past, our public transport only had a card-based ticketing system. In 2019, a separate account-based ticketing system was set up. This system enabled commuters to pay for public transport fares using bank cards and mobile wallets, which saves the hassle of carrying a separate travel card. It currently supports contactless bank cards from Mastercard, Visa and NETS, as well as mobile wallets such as GooglePay.

4                 Like contactless bank cards and mobile wallets used for public transport, transactions using account-based EZ-Link cards are processed backend so commuters will not immediately see their fare deduction and card value balance at MRT fare gates and bus readers. Commuters who choose to use the account-based EZ-Link cards can download the TL SimplyGo app to view up to the last 180 days of fare transaction history as well as access other ticketing services such as claims submission.

5                 A pilot for concession cards that supports account-based ticketing will start later this year. The pilot will help us better understand potential concerns and make the necessary adjustments to enable a smoother transition for card holders as we progressively convert to account-based ticketing.

6                 We have also started and will continue to engage different groups of commuters through focus group discussions to gather feedback for improvement. For example, some participants shared that they would like a convenient means to view their transaction details at public transport nodes. To cater to this need, value-checking machines will be placed at some MRT stations and bus interchanges with high commuter traffic. We will also continue to explore additional means to make it more convenient for commuters to view their transaction details, including for those who might not have access to mobile applications.

7        With the introduction of the account-based systems, commuters can continue to use their existing EZ-Link cards. We will phase out the existing card-based ticketing system after commuters have become familiar with the new system. LTA will take feedback from commuters during the transition period, and work with operators to implement mitigating measures to address their concerns. 



Annex A: Infographic on modes for transit fare payment

Annex B: Frequently asked questions on SimplyGo


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