Factsheet: Co-Creating Gracious Commuter Journeys

News Releases 26 Nov 2021 Public Transport Campaign Factsheet graciousness

LTA partners PCF Sparkletots to develop content

to inculcate gracious commuting behaviour


     The Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) Graciousness on Public Transport Campaign began in 2009 to promote acts of thoughtful behaviour on public transport, such as giving up seats, queuing in an orderly manner, and making way for others for a more pleasant commute. In its 12th year, this year’s campaign aims to inculcate a caring commuter culture from an early age and foster gracious behaviour among the young.


2.   As part of this year’s campaign, the LTA produced a storybook titled ‘Max & Robbie’s Magical Train Ride’, which highlights gracious commuting on public transport. Co-created with students from PCF Sparkletots (Blk 723 Nee Soon Central), the story features Max and his raccoon friend, Robbie, as they take their first train ride without their parents. Through the journey, they learn to spread thoughtfulness with the help of the Thoughtful Bunch. Stand-Up Stacey, Move-In Martin, Give-Way Glenda, Hush-Hush Hannah and Bag-Down Benny showed Max and Robbie how they can be gracious and considerate on the train through acts such as giving up seats to those in need or by putting large backpacks down to create more space for others. The book ‘Max & Robbie’s Magical Train Ride’, recommended for children aged five to eight, was officially unveiled by Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Transport, Mr Baey Yam Keng this morning during a virtual storytelling session with students from PCF Sparkletots.


3.   This is the first time LTA is working with young children to conceptualise and develop a storybook. Face-to-face engagement sessions were conducted with students in March 2021 to introduce the Thoughtful Bunch and gracious commuting behaviours before the storyline for ‘Max & Robbie’s Magical Train Ride’ was developed and illustrated.


4.   Electronic version of the storybook is available for download from LTA’s website from today. In the month of December, LTA will hold an online contest on LTA’s social media channels where 10 participants can win a copy of the storybook. LTA has also partnered McDonald’s Singapore to distribute the storybooks with each purchase of a Happy Meal ® from 18 December 2021, as part of McDonald’s “Happy Meal ® Readers Program” which aims to instill a lifelong passion for reading in children. The storybooks will also be available for loan at all national libraries from mid-December 2021.



About the Thoughtful Bunch


Launched in 2014 by LTA, the Thoughtful Bunch gently nudges commuters to spread graciousness on public transport. They personify and highlight the caring and considerate nature in all of us:


·       Stand-Up Stacey: Gives up her seat to those who need it more.

·       Move-In Martin: Moves in to make space so others can board.

·       Give-Way Glenda: Queues to one side of the door and lets others alight first.

·       Bag-Down Benny: Puts his bag down so others have more room. 

·       Hush-Hush Hannah: Keeps her volume down so others enjoy a quieter ride.

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