EVs need other types of checks

Media Replies 10 Dec 2021 vehicle inspection Electric Vehicle (EV)

We refer to Mr Peter See’s letter, “Are inspections still needed for electric vehicles?” (Dec 6).

To ensure that all motor vehicles on our roads meet the required safety and roadworthiness standards, the Land Transport Authority requires motor vehicles to undergo regular inspections.

The same inspection requirement applies to electric vehicles (EVs). Areas of inspection include the vehicle’s structural integrity, body condition, as well as its lighting, braking and wheel systems. These are parts of a vehicle which are subject to common wear and tear over time.

While EVs would not require engine inspections, they do require other types of checks on their high-voltage electrical systems, including the charging inlet, cables, and traction batteries for any signs of damage.

We will continue to review our vehicle inspection requirements regularly to take into account prevailing technological developments and international best practices.


Mr Alvin Chia 
Group Director, Vehicle Services 
Land Transport Authority

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