Factsheet: Instilling Confidence on Wheels

News Releases 15 Dec 2021 active mobility Power-Assisted Bicycles (PABs) Safe Riding Programme (SRP) Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs)

      Since 2018, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has been offering the Safe Riding Programme (SRP)[1] to educate cyclists and users of Power Assisted Bicycles (PABs) and Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) on safe riding practices, proper use of Active Mobility infrastructure and the rules and code of conduct under the Active Mobility Act. Close to 84,000 participants have participated in the programme so far.

2.   From December 2021, the programme will be refreshed and rebranded as the “Confidence on Wheels (CW)” Programme, after taking in feedback from past participants on their desired outcomes when attending the programme. The refreshed programme[2] is shorter in duration, features customised learning journeys for different groups of participants and places a greater emphasis on practical riding skills to help instil confidence and foster safe riding habits.

3.   Mr Chan Boon Fui, Group Director of Active Mobility Group, LTA said, “A gracious culture where users ride safely and responsibly would help Singapore to realise the benefits of active mobility as a sustainable mode of transport. With the refreshed programme, we hope to reach out to those who are keen to cycle but may lack the confidence, skills and knowledge to embrace active mobility.”


The Confidence on Wheels experience


4.   Under the CW programme, the duration of each session is 45 minutes. The session will cover active mobility rules and safe riding guidelines as well as practical skills training. For the theory component, participants will be shown an 8-minute video that summarises current active mobility rules and safe riding guidelines. Primary school students, on the other hand, will go through a 15-minute demonstration, during which they will be taught the different types of paths, active mobility devices, as well as how to demonstrate gracious riding behaviours.


5.   For the practical component, participants will go through various training stations (please refer to Annex A) to better understand how active mobility rules and guidelines can be applied in day-to-day on-path/road scenarios. Primary school students will go through a circuit featuring mock-ups of key path infrastructure to aid familiarisation. At the end of each CW session, trainers will conduct a short debrief to recap key safety messages learnt during the programme.  The programme is free for all participants. Interested parties may refer to Annex B to register for the CW programme.

[1] The programme was first developed as the Safe Cycling Programme in mid-2016 to educate cyclists on safe cycling skills, rules of code and conduct, and the proper use of cycling-related infrastructure in Singapore. The 90-minute programme was renamed the Safe Riding Programme (SRP) in mid-2017 for inclusivity and to cater to the growing popularity of Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs).

[2] Errant Active Mobility users caught for reckless riding and speeding on public paths will still be required to attend the 90-minute Safe Riding Programme to educate and familiarise them with the rules and code of conduct, safety instructions and proper riding behaviours.

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