Factsheet: Commencement of West Camp Road Sunday Cycling Lane Trial

News Releases 16 Oct 2022 cycling lane Factsheet

New Safety Guide to Promote Safer Road Use for Motorists and Cyclists

        The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has kickstarted a six-month trial of providing dedicated road space along West Camp Road for larger group cycling during the period where there is low vehicular traffic.

2.      Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Transport Mr Baey Yam Keng marked the launch of the Sunday Cycling Lane with an inaugural ride with avid cyclists.

3.      The cycling lane, located within Seletar Aerospace Park, will be in effect every Sunday morning from 5am to 11am until April 2023. During operating hours, only buses and cyclists are allowed in the cycling lane. Cyclists will also not be subject to the limit on group size during these operating hours.

4.      The cycling lane, which spans 4.6km, is demarcated by solid blue lane markings. Its operating hours are indicated on the signboards by the road, and on the road surface markings on the carriageway. There are also “Lane begins” and “Lane ends” signboards by the road to demarcate the start and end point of the Sunday Cycling Lane.

5.      LTA will use the trial to gather feedback from users and assess the impact to road traffic before finalising future plans.

New Road Safety Handbook to Promote Safer Road Use

6.      To improve understanding between motorists and cyclists, SPS Baey also unveiled a new road safety handbook at the event.

7.      Developed by LTA with inputs from multiple stakeholders, the handbook provides practical tips on how motorists and cyclists can safely navigate common on-road scenarios such as at traffic junctions and near bus stops.

8.      Partners such as the Automobile Association of Singapore, Singapore Cycling Federation, Singapore Road Safety Council, Sport Singapore, Traffic Police and public transport operators were engaged  in the process of developing this handbook[1] which is now available online at https://go.gov.sg/onroadhandbook.

Annex A: Photos of Sunday Cycling Lane at West Camp Road
Annex B: Road Safety Handbook for Motorists and Cyclists

[1] Physical copies of the handbook will be made available to stakeholders, including but not limited to public transport operators, Automobile Association of Singapore and the Singapore Road Safety Council.

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