More Electric Vehicle Charging Points to be Deployed in HDB Carparks

News Releases 02 Nov 2022 electric vehicle EV charging points

        The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has awarded a tender to five tenderers for the deployment of electric vehicle (EV) charging points covering nearly 2,000 HDB car parks across Singapore. Under this tender, at least 12,000 EV charging points will be installed across all HDB carparks by the end of 2025, realising LTA’s target of making every HDB town EV-ready.

2.      The five successful tenderers will be responsible for deploying EV charging points in HDB carparks in the North, North-East, East, West and Central regions of Singapore. To strengthen the resiliency of the EV charging network, each region has been awarded to two tenderers, and each tenderer has been awarded two regions, as follow:

Lead Tenderer

Consortium Partner(s)

Awarded regions

Charge+ Pte Ltd


West, Central

ComfortDelGro Engineering Pte Ltd

ENGIE South East Asia Pte Ltd and ComfortDelGro ENGIE Pte Ltd

West, North

SP Mobility Pte Ltd


North-East, East

Shell Eastern Petroleum Pte Ltd

Zeco Systems Pte Ltd

North, North-East

Strides Automotive Services Pte Ltd

Yes Energy Service Co. Ltd, Airetec Pte Ltd and YTL Powerseraya Pte Ltd

Central, East

3.      LTA received a total of 11 bids from a diverse pool of EV charging operators. The tenderers were evaluated on a combination of factors, including their concession fee bids as well as the quality of their proposal, which includes the following points:

(i)   their understanding of the EV charging point deployment process;
(ii)  their proposed business models;
(iii) their understanding of the current market offerings;
(iv) their ability to offer competitive charging prices.

4.      In addition, as part of the evaluation on the quality of proposal, tenderers were also assessed on their ability to optimise available electrical capacity to power their EV charging points. This will help maximise coverage of the national EV charging network in carparks with limited electrical power capacity.

5.      Please refer to the Annex for:

(i)  the breakdown of the concession fee payable by the tenderers to the Government for the rights to install and operate the EV charging points;
(ii) the indicative locations of the EV charging points to be deployed.

6.      LTA will work closely with the awarded tenderers to deploy the EV charging points.

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