Factsheet: Public Can Volunteer to be Active Mobility Community Ambassadors (AMCA)

News Releases 12 Nov 2022 Factsheet Active Mobility Community Ambassadors (AMCA)

Rebrand of Active Mobility Patrol (AMP) to AMCA
Reflects Evolving Role of Volunteers in Active Mobility Journey

        Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Transport Baey Yam Keng launched the Active Mobility Community Ambassadors (AMCA) scheme, previously known as the Active Mobility Patrol (AMP) scheme. The rebrand to AMCA reflects the broader role of its volunteers in engaging the community and serving as ambassadors to promote the safe and gracious sharing of our paths.

2.      In April 2016, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) established the AMP volunteer scheme to raise awareness of active mobility rules and regulations. Over the years, LTA has been partnering key community volunteers comprising grassroots organisations (GRO) and non-governmental organisations (NGO) to organise public outreach initiatives such as neighbourhood walkabouts to promote safe and gracious path-sharing behaviour, Confidence on Wheels sessions for residents, as well as cycling events to promote safe riding habits.

Active Mobility Community Ambassadors (AMCA)

3.      The volunteer scheme remains a strong pillar in our public education outreach efforts. Along with the strengthened rules and regulations, and regular enforcement over the years, our education efforts have resulted in an improvement in path safety[1] in recent times. To better support our volunteers, LTA has recently put together a playbook as a resource guide to aid them in planning their outreach initiatives.

4.      Even as the community gains a better understanding of safe active mobility practices, the building of a responsible path sharing culture will need to continue over the longer term. To achieve this, LTA will be extending the AMCA scheme to members of the public, including groups and corporations, who share our vision in building a sustainable and gracious path-sharing culture in Singapore. Through this, we also hope to deepen citizen participation in encouraging the take up of active mobility, which is an environmentally sustainable and healthy way to commute.

5.      There are opportunities for volunteers to conduct outreach in their neighbourhoods or where they frequent, depending on their interests. LTA will get in touch with them to understand their interests, and brief them on their roles, the rules and code of conduct regarding active mobility use such as cycling and the use of PMDs, guidelines on how to educate and engage with fellow residents and members of the public, as well as personal safety. For those who wish to join existing teams, LTA may connect them with existing AMCA teams or like-minded groups, who will equip them with a better understanding of the outreach activities in their neighbourhood. LTA will similarly work with interest groups and corporations to support and integrate them into the volunteer community so that they can better self-organise their outreach activities regularly.

6.      Interested individuals, groups and corporations can register their interest to be an Active Mobility Community Ambassador at https://go.gov.sg/amca.

Annex A: Logo of AMCA

[1] The number of active mobility-related accidents on public paths and fire incidents have dropped by around 50 percent over the last two years.

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