LTA Recognises Outstanding Achievers of Singapore’s Land Transport Industry

News Releases 28 Mar 2022 Land Transport Excellence Awards (LTEA)

        The Land Transport Authority (LTA) recognised 47 outstanding companies and individuals of Singapore’s land transport industry at the 2022 Land Transport Excellence Awards (LTEA) held today (28 Mar) at the Singapore EXPO MAX Atria.  Please refer to Annex A for the full list of awards and winners.

2.      The biennial LTEA acknowledges organisations and individuals who have played a major role in developing a commuter-centric land transport system which encourages active mobility and the use of public transport.

3.      This year’s award ceremony saw the addition of three new accolades, the first being the “Best Community Inclusive Project” under the new “Transport for All” category. This award recognises projects that demonstrate inclusivity by catering to the diverse needs of commuters in the public transport system and help to build a more gracious commuting culture. Two new awards – Safety Excellence Electrical & Mechanical Contractor (Mega) and Safety Excellence Electrical & Mechanical Contractor (Major & Minor) were also added under the “Safety” category which recognises efforts to foster a safer work environment within the land transport sector.

Promoting Inclusivity in Land Transport

4.      Four organisations received the inaugural “Best Community Inclusive Project” award. SMRT Trains Ltd and SMRT Buses Ltd were jointly recognised for their “Go-To SMRT” initiative which aimed to make land transport journeys safer and more accessible to more vulnerable commuters. Under this initiative, SMRT introduced Dementia Go-To Points within Singapore’s public transport network to serve as a resource centre and safe return destinations where members of the public can bring those with Dementia who appear lost or are unable to remember their way. SMRT also implemented Kindness Seats to cater to the elderly and encourage gracious commuting behaviour. Tower Transit Singapore (TTS) was recognised for spearheading the “Interchange with a Heart” concept during the relocation of the Jurong East bus interchange. As part of this movement, TTS introduced a Public Bus Inclusivity Course to provide commuters with hands-on skills to help passengers with disabilities on buses. Movement of Inclusivity (MOI) Ltd was recognised for the “May I Have a Seat, Please?” lanyard project, which was conceptualised together with LTA and the Caring SG Commuters Committee. The lanyard, given to commuters with invisible conditions, serves as an identifier for members of the public and public transport staff to recognise individuals with hidden disabilities who require assistance. This initiative has been met with positive reactions from the public and the special needs community.

Demonstrating Workplace Safety and Environmental Excellence

5.      Five companies were honoured for their efforts to promote workplace safety and their excellent safety track record. Among them was Meiden Singapore Pte Ltd which received the new “Safety Excellence – Electrical & Mechanical Contractor (Mega)” award in recognition of the Safety, Health & Environmental management system it uses, as well as safe worksite practices. For example, Meiden introduced various worker training programmes to help improve safety, including using virtual reality to allow participants to have a more realistic and hands-on experience. Another award winner was Otis Elevator Company (S) Pte Ltd which clinched the “Safety Excellence – Electrical & Mechanical Contractor (Major & Minor)” award.  As part of its Safety, Health & Environmental management system, Otis Elevator introduced online safety quizzes for their workers and conducted regular Occupational Health & Safety training programmes.

6.      The “Environmental Excellence – Civil Contractor (Mega)” accolade was awarded to Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd. – Bachy Soletanche Singapore Pte Ltd Joint Venture (NBJV) for their innovation in ensuring environmental sustainability. To achieve zero pollution to surrounding water bodies and the sea for their projects, in particular during tunnel boring and soil improvement works, NBJV adopted innovative approaches such as pioneering Singapore’s first directional grouting under the Marina Channel. This allowed ground treatment works to be carried out safely and without any disruption or pollution to the channel.

Exemplifying Outstanding Customer Service

7.      The “Outstanding Service Individual (Public Transport)” accolade was presented to 12 individuals in the public transport industry who has consistently exemplified and delivered outstanding customer service. These frontline transport workers went the extra mile to assist commuters in their time of need. For example, Senior Bus Captain Hoe Soo Hiong from SBS Transit Ltd has been praised for her many small acts of kindness. With 46 years of experience under her belt, she never fails to help fellow elderly passengers carry heavy items and assist them to board the bus safely. Assistant Station Manager Muhammad Luqman bin Ramli from SMRT Trains Ltd who had gone through an Occupational First Aid Course, assisted an injured elderly on the train by rendering first aid. He also calmed the elderly down while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Their commitment to customer service is especially noteworthy given the challenges brought on by COVID-19. Please refer to Annex B for details of the winners of the “Outstanding Service Individual (Public Transport)” award.

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