Factsheet: Ramping Up Charging Infrastructure and Strengthening Public Education

News Releases 29 Mar 2022 Electric Vehicle (EV) Factsheet

        To sustain the momentum of Singapore’s transition to electric vehicles (EVs), LTA is accelerating the expansion of the EV charging network in public carparks. In tandem, LTA will enhance the MyTransport.SG mobile application to make information on charging points more easily accessible, and launch a new public education campaign to raise awareness on EVs.

New tender to deploy EV charging points at more HDB carparks

2.      A key milestone in our plan to ramp up EV charging infrastructure will be the launch of a large-scale tender in April covering nearly 2,000 HDB carparks. This tender will enable us to deploy an additional 12,000 charging points by 2025, in tandem with the pick-up in demand, helping us achieve our target for every HDB town to be EV-Ready by 2025.

3.      The tender will comprise up to 10 packages, each sized to cover approximately the same number of carparks, and valid for 10 years. Awarded tenderers will need to deploy a minimum number of 3 to 6 charging points in their designated carparks by end 2025. They may also scale up the deployment in each carpark to a cap of 12 charging points during their concession period. Tenderers will be assessed on how they plan to offer affordable, reliable and sustainable charging services. They will also be assessed on their plans to trial and implement innovative solutions to deter the hogging of charging lots, as well as maximise deployment in carparks with limited electrical capacity.

4.      The tender, to be launched in April, is expected to be awarded in the fourth quarter of 2022. The deployment of charging points will commence by the first quarter of next year.

Locating public EV charging points with MyTransport.SG

5.      To allow EV drivers to easily locate public charging points, the MyTransport.SG mobile application will be enhanced from today to offer information on the charging points, starting with more than 800 public charging points at over 200 locations across the island.

6.      Covering the charging points offered by all major operators, the new MyTransport.SG feature will display accurate information such as pricing, power rating and plug type to enable users to plan their charging schedules. Users will be able to filter and search for the charging points of their preference, and be redirected to the respective charging operators’ apps for payment or to Google Maps for navigation. More features such as real-time charging point availability will be available with subsequent updates of the application.

National campaign to strengthen public education

7.      Besides charging point information, it is also important to strengthen public education on EVs, and foster gracious charging etiquette and good charging habits. In this regard, LTA will launch a new public education campaign to raise awareness of EVs, their benefits to owners and the environment as well as how we can all contribute towards the responsible and gracious sharing of charging infrastructure. Please refer to the Annex for the campaign logo and selected key visuals from the public education campaign.

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