Active Commute Grant Expanded to Support Retail Developments

News Releases 05 May 2022 Walk Cycle Ride (WCR) Active Commute Grant (ACG)

        The Active Commute Grant (ACG) was introduced in 2017 to encourage developers to provide end-of-trip facilities for those who adopt active commutes in support of our Walk Cycle Ride vision. Currently, the grant covers offices, business parks, and light/general industrial developments, and a total of 14 developments have benefited thus far. From 5 May 2022, the grant will be expanded to include retail developments within 400 metres of MRT stations.

2.      Developers of retail developments near MRT stations, as well as offices, business parks and light/general industrial development can submit claims for end-of-trip facilities such as lockers, bicycle parking facilities and other bicycle-related facilities such as repair stations[1].

3.      When we have these end-of-trip facilities, it makes it easier for active mobility users (such as cyclists) to park and access their active mobility devices, and even freshen up after their journeys.  For those who choose to use active mobility modes of transport to complete their journeys, the process becomes more seamless, convenient and comfortable. As we expand cycling paths islandwide to around 1,300km by 2030 under the Islandwide Cycling Network (ICN) programme, such amenities are also key in encouraging active commutes.

4.      In addition to the expanded eligibility criteria, the grant application process has been streamlined to a single-stage process. Please refer to Annex A for a summary of the enhancements in the ACG.

5.      The reimbursement limit for the ACG remains unchanged. LTA will co-fund up to 80% of the construction cost for end-of-trip amenities and up to a maximum of $80,000 per development.

6.      The ACG is open for applications from 5 May 2022 to 30 Jun 2023.

[1] Retail developments will not be able to claim for construction of showers and/or sanitary facilities.

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