Efforts on many fronts to ensure safety

Media Replies 26 Jul 2022 active mobility

We agree with Mr Foo Kwang Sai that ensuring safety is an important outcome as we encourage more to take up active mobility (Are mobility devices used safely?, 22 July).

LTA aims to make our paths and roads safer for all through a combination of regulations, enforcement, and public education. On the regulatory front, a series of new upstream and downstream measures have been introduced in recent years to improve active mobility safety. For example, an import control regime came into effect in June last year to stem the inflow of non-compliant Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) and Power-Assisted Bicycles (PABs) into Singapore.

Downstream measures such as requiring PAB and e-scooter riders to pass a mandatory theory test, adherence to speed limits and device specifications, as well as disallowing motorised PMDs from footpaths are also currently in force. We carry out regular enforcement to take those who breach these regulations to task. 

Education is an essential complement to our regulations. In this respect, LTA frequently runs public educational campaigns and outreach activities to foster a safer and more responsible active mobility landscape.  We also work closely with the Active Mobility Advisory Panel to review our regulations regularly to ensure they keep pace with the evolving landscape.

We believe that the combination of a comprehensive regulatory framework, active enforcement and public education will allow more to benefit from active mobility while ensuring safety for all.

Chan Boon Fui
Group Director, Active Mobility Group
Land Transport Authority

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