LTA Awards Bicycle-Sharing Licence to HelloRide

News Releases 01 Jul 2022 bicycle sharing

        The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has awarded a Type 2 (sandbox) licence to HelloRide to provide a shared mobility service with a fleet of up to 1,000 bicycles.

2.      Type 2 (sandbox) licences are valid for up to one year after which operators will need to apply for Type 1 (full) licences that allow them to operate a larger fleet of bicycles. When evaluating applications, LTA will consider factors such as the applicant’s track record, and ability to manage indiscriminate parking and ensure healthy fleet utilisation.

3.      Since 2019, LTA’s regulatory requirements have helped to support the sustainable growth of the bicycle-sharing landscape. To date, the three bicycle-sharing operators in Singapore are Anywheel, SG Bike, and HelloRide, where Anywheel and SG Bike are Type 1 (full) licensees. The total fleet size across all three bicycle-sharing operators stands at 36,000 bicycles.

4.      Bicycle-sharing services provide commuters with a convenient mode of transport for first-and-last mile journeys, and support Singapore’s drive towards becoming a car-lite society. Companies keen to offer bicycle-sharing services in Singapore may apply for sandbox bicycle licences, subject to regulatory requirements such as limitations on fleet size, and mandatory integration of LTA’s QR code parking system to promote responsible parking habits. Since the introduction of the QR code parking system and user ban in January 2019, more than 90% of shared bicycle users now end their trips at designated parking areas.

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