New buses fitted with passenger information display system

Media Replies 26 Sep 2022 Passenger Information Display System (PIDS)

We refer to Xia Liang’s letter on having passenger information displays on buses and the Forum Editor’s Note published on 20 September.

All new buses deployed since December 2018 are equipped with a digital Passenger Information Display System (PIDS); this will be a standard bus feature going forward. The PIDS consists of an external and an on-board display that provides commuters with route-specific information such as the bus service number, destination, and MRT/LRT transfer information. The system also has built-in audio announcements to inform passengers of the next bus stop.

To date, about 700 buses have been equipped with the PIDS and the rest of the fleet will progressively have this feature. There are 1,000 existing buses which do not have the PIDS but are fitted with speakers that provide audio announcements about the next bus stop. 

We would also like to clarify that the fares for bus and rail services are calculated based on the distance that commuters travel during their journey, regardless of mode of transport and transfers made.

Lim Siong Tiong (Mr)
1 Deputy Group Director, Public Transport
Land Transport Authority

Angela Khoo
Director, Policy and Regulation
Public Transport Council

Annex: Picture of PIDS, for ZB’s reference and potential use
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