Offenders will face enforcement action for parking near bus stops

Media Replies 27 Sep 2022 illegal parking bus stops

We refer to letters from Ms Pan Si Ru (“Forced to stand in the middle of road to catch a bus at airport”) and Ms Yang Yunyang’s (“Is it legal to drop off private car passengers at a bus stop?”) on 20 Sep 2022.

As the capacity of bus stops are designed based on the number of public buses and commuters that they serve, other vehicles parking and waiting at bus stops could result in congestion and affect commuters’ travel time and the service reliability of public buses. Traffic regulations state that it is an offence to park within 9 metres of a bus stop.

We have contacted Ms Pan for more details about her experience. Based on our records and recent checks, illegal parking is not prevalent in the areas mentioned but we will continue to monitor the situation.

Separately, to Ms Yang’s question, motorists are prohibited from stopping at bus stops that are heavily used, such as those located along bus lanes during bus lane operating hours or at bus stops where there are “No Stopping Except Public Buses” signs. Motorists are allowed to make quick stops at all other bus stops.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind motorists to adhere to traffic rules and be considerate to all road users. Members of the public who encounter instances of illegal parking can report the offence via the OneService application, or OneMotoring portal. Enforcement actions will be taken against motorists who breach traffic rules.

Chandrasekar Palanisamy
Group Director, Traffic and Road Operations
Land Transport Authority

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