60 Organisations Recognised for Workplace Safety, Health and Environmental Excellence

News Releases 12 Sep 2022 Annual Safety Award Convention (ASAC)

      Sixty organisations have been recognised by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for their outstanding workplace safety, health and environment management practices at the 24th Annual Safety, Health and Environmental Award Convention (ASAC).

2.   Held physically today at the Singapore EXPO and graced by Minister for Transport S Iswaran, the theme of this year’s ASAC is “Innovation and Sustainability for Safety, Health and Environmental Excellence”. The event reinforces LTA’s emphasis on achieving better workplace safety outcomes through the adoption of innovative practices and solutions as well as ensuring environmental sustainability over the long term.

3.    Hwa Seng Builder Pte Ltd was presented with the top award, the LTA Contractors Challenge Shield, for its work on the Construction of Tampines Expressway-Pan-Island Expressway Changi Viaduct. Hwa Seng Builder’s comprehensive Workplace Safety, Health and Environment programme includes a dedicated training centre with Virtual Reality capability, an Augmented Reality (AR) Environmental training module so that realistic training can be conducted on site and a health and wellness programme. They also developed an e-Guide Book mobile application, available in five different languages, with interactive quizzes, animated games and video illustrations. Please refer to ANNEX A for the full list of 2022 winners across 16 award categories.

Championing innovative solutions to promote safety, productivity and sustainability

4.    Over the years, LTA’s contractors have increasingly tapped on innovative technologies and solutions to build their capabilities, improve workplace safety and productivity by reducing the reliance on manual, labour-intensive processes. This year, four organisations were awarded the Construction Safety Innovation Award for such efforts.

5.     GS Engineering & Construction Corp was recognised for their use of a reinforced concrete shell for the construction of pile caps[1] over a waterbody. The company has been contracted by LTA to design and construct the Integrated Train Testing Centre (see Figure 1). The scope of works includes the construction of viaducts over a water body at the site. Unlike the conventional method of constructing a cofferdam[2] using sheet piles, the method used by GS Engineering & Construction eliminates the hazards associated with sheet pile construction such as vibration and hot works, thereby reducing environmental impact and increasing productivity.

Figure 1: Hoisting of Reinforced Concrete Shell over waterbody
Figure 1: Hoisting of Reinforced Concrete Shell over waterbody

6.    China Civil Engineering - China Railway 11 - Wai Fong Consortium was recognised for their use of the U-Clip[3] Installation Tool for the rebar lapping[4] of bored pile[5] cage for the design and construction of a North-South Corridor (Viaduct) between Sungei Seletar and Yishun Avenue 5 (see Figure 2). Instead of reaching into the cage to fasten the U-Clip, workers can use the U-Clip installation tool which reduces the risk of injury.

Figure 2: Instead of reaching into the rebar cage to install a U-Clip, an installation tool is used
Figure 2: Instead of reaching into the rebar cage to install a U-Clip, an installation tool is used

7.    To reduce carbon emissions and minimise impact to our environment, several contractors have also incorporated new technologies and practices into their construction methods and work processes. For instance, Penta Ocean Construction Co Ltd - Bachy Soletanche Singapore Pte Ltd (Joint Venture) was awarded the Environmental Sustainability Innovation Award for the installation of an independent air conditioning system on cranes used for the construction of North-South Corridor (Tunnel) between Suffolk Walk and Novena Rise (see Figure 3). This approach allows the crane operator to turn off the main engine and use an independent aircon to keep the cabin cool, a practice which cuts fuel consumption and noise emissions.

Figure 3: Independent air conditioning system in crane cabin
Figure 3: Independent air conditioning system in crane cabin

Sustainable efforts recognised and implemented throughout projects

8.    Aligned with Singapore’s efforts in sustainable development, LTA is spearheading sustainability efforts across all stages of our projects from tender to operations. Since the beginning of 2022, LTA has factored tenderers’ proposed use of green designs and technology into our tender evaluation process. Moving forward, we will also be reviewing the evaluation criteria to include an assessment of the sustainability efforts from the tenderers’ past projects.

9.    In the construction stage, LTA also monitors the annual carbon footprint of our projects and we work closely with our contractors to reduce resource consumption and promote the use of greener materials or methods to lower carbon emissions. These sustainable practices and innovative efforts have now been consolidated into the “Guidebook of Sustainable Practices at LTA Sites” which was launched today at ASAC. This pictorial guide is available on the LTA website and it aims to encourage the construction industry to incorporate more sustainable practices into their course of work.

10.   In conjunction with Singapore’s Climate Action Week 2022, LTA will also be holding the inaugural Environmental Sustainability Week from 19 to 25 September. As part of this initiative, LTA contractors will be encouraged to take collective action to implement more environmental sustainability initiatives, which will be consolidated and shared.

About ASAC

11.   ASAC was inaugurated in 1999 to recognise contractors who have been proactive and successful in promoting Workplace Safety and Health management practices at their worksites, ensuring high health, safety and welfare standards of workers, and giving due consideration to protecting the public and the environment.

[1] A pile cap is a thick concrete mat that rests on concrete/timber piles driven into soft or unstable ground to provide a stable foundation for a structure.

[2] A cofferdam is an enclosed structure built within a body of water. It allows the water in the enclosed area to be pumped out for a dry working environment. Conventionally, a cofferdam is constructed by driving sheet piles into the ground.

[3] A U-Clip can be used to secure sheet metal parts in place.

[4] Rebar lapping is when 2 pieces of reinforced bar (rebar) are overlapped to create a continuous line of rebar.

[5] A bored pile is a cast-in-place concrete pile, usually containing rebars. It is commonly used as a foundation to support heavy vertical loads.

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