Factsheet: East Coast Integrated Depot

News Releases 20 Sep 2022 East Coast Integrated Depot

        The East Coast Integrated Depot (ECID) will be the world’s first four-in-one depot, integrating three train depots and one bus depot within a single site.

2        The train depot complex will house three MRT Lines – the Downtown Line Depot underground, the Thomson-East Coast Line Depot at-grade and the East-West Line Depot elevated on the level above. The three train depots have been designed to operate independently of one another, with a total stabling capacity of around 220 trains. The integrated train depot will save 44 hectares, approximately 60 football fields, of land space.

3        The bus depot will be an independent structure located next to the train depot complex. The ground level will house the maintenance depot while the upper levels will provide parking for about 760 buses. Green features will be incorporated, such as the solar panels installed on the roof of the rail and bus depots, usage of LED lighting and a façade design which optimises natural ventilation and natural lighting.

4        Construction works for ECID commenced in 2016 and works are progressing well with 75 per cent of overall structural works completed. Concreting and architectural works are ongoing. Rail tracks are currently being fitted and the installation of electrical and maintenance and system services are underway. The depot is targeted to be completed in 2025.

Annex A – Artist impression of ECID

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