View SimplyGo transactions in app and at ticketing machines

Media Replies 10 Oct 2023 SimplyGo

We thank Mr Yeow Hwee Ming for his feedback (“No fare display with SimplyGo”, 29 September 2023).

SimplyGo offers commuters the convenience of topping fare cards remotely and keeping records of fare history. Unlike stored value cards, commuters can block their lost or stolen SimplyGo cards, and retain any unused balances when the card expires. Enabling these features requires transactions to be processed at the back-end, instead of at the fare gates and card readers on buses. As such, SimplyGo users, including those using SimplyGo Concession Cards, will not see their stored value card balance and deduction at MRT fare gates and bus readers. This is similar to those using credit cards to pay for their public transport fares.

Instead, SimplyGo users can view details of public transport transactions, including fares and card balance, and top up fare cards remotely using the SimplyGo app. This includes immediate alerts on the fare charged for each trip, via push notifications.

We encourage Mr Yeow to download the SimplyGo app and register for an account. Alternatively, he can also check his fare charges and card balance at ticketing machines in MRT stations, bus interchanges and integrated transport hubs.

Together with TransitLink and EZ-Link, we will continue to explore ways to enhance SimplyGo to bring more benefits to commuters.


Yeo Teck Guan 
Senior Group Director, Public Transport 
Land Transport Authority

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