Factsheet: Pilot for New Street-Level Wayfinding System in Central Area and Yishun

News Releases 15 Dec 2023 Factsheet active mobility wayfinding system Walk Cycle Ride (WCR)

          As part of LTA’s continuous efforts to make walking and cycling journeys to key amenities more convenient and accessible, LTA will be piloting a new wayfinding system in the Central area and Yishun starting this month.  

2.        A total of 35 signs will be installed in the two locations. The pilot will help LTA to assess the effectiveness of such wayfinding systems in simplifying navigation for pedestrians and cyclists. LTA will also conduct surveys and interviews to evaluate how the wayfinding system, featuring physical markers and familiar wayfinding icons can complement existing tools like navigation mobile applications.

Stakeholders’ engagement and iterative design process

3.        Since Dec 2020, LTA has been conducting a series of street surveys, workshops, focus group discussions and roadshows involving residents, visitors and various stakeholders to gather feedback and gain insights into their navigation experiences. Preliminary ideas such as improvements to iconography, map scale and colour scheme, have been incorporated into the signage design and placement locations for the pilot.

4.        The wayfinding system features three different types of signs: Kiosk, Totem and Fingerpost. These three types of signs will be placed strategically to form a wayfinding network highlighting key amenities such as MRT stations, bus stops, cycling paths, and other major landmarks.


5.        The kiosk and totem signs will show nearby destinations within the wider and immediate vicinity respectively. Both will also provide supplementary information on the location of facilities such as building entrances, landmarks, MRT stations, bus stops, taxi stands and cycling paths. The fingerpost sign serves as supplementary signage to affirm users that they are heading in the correct direction.

6.        The signage also features familiar wayfinding icons such as a “You are here” indicator, 3D landmarks to help users orientate themselves. These icons will facilitate easy navigation to nearby key destinations, landmarks, public transport nodes as well as active mobility infrastructure, such as bicycle parking and cycling paths. Please refer to attached Annex for more information.

7.        LTA will assess the outcome of the pilot. If successful, this system will support the Island-wide Cycling Network and be integrated as a feature of Friendly Streets. There is also potential, depending on the outcome of the pilot, for the development of guidelines to set out standards and best practices for street-level wayfinding signage design and placement.

Annex: Wayfinding Information on Signage

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