Factsheet: Graciousness Campaign Returns with Activities Galore

News Releases 17 Mar 2023 Factsheet graciousness campaign

This year’s campaign incorporates audio, visual and delectable treats to promote thoughtfulness on public transport

           The Land Transport Authority kickstarted the Graciousness on Public Transport Campaign in 2009 to promote thoughtful acts and behaviour such as giving up seats, queuing in an orderly manner, and moving in for a more pleasant commute on public transport. Such gracious and considerate behaviour is embodied by The Thoughtful Bunch (Stand-up Stacey, Move-In Martin, Give-Way Glenda, Bag-Down Benny and Hush-Hush Hannah), ambassadors of our Graciousness Campaign for close to a decade

“It feels good to be Thoughtful!”

2.         A thoughtful act can brighten up one’s day and generate feel-good vibes of positivity and joy. This year, the Graciousness on Public Transport Campaign 2023 “It feels good to be Thoughtful” invites commuters to celebrate the amazing feeling of being thoughtful. Launched by Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment & Ministry of Transport, Mr Baey Yam Keng earlier today, the Campaign wants to inspire commuters to be thoughtful during their daily commutes by contextualising the feel-good feelings they will enjoy for being gracious through the five senses.


3.         In partnership with the Public Transport Operators, Public Transport Council (PTC) and Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM), the Campaign features a new series of Thoughtful Bunch visuals to encourage commuters to be gracious on their public transport journeys. These new vibrant visuals will be rolled out across public transport nodes, including sheltered walkways, MRT stations and on selected buses.

Visuals for Graciousness Campaign 2023
4.         To accentuate the feel-good feeling of thoughtfulness, LTA collaborated with a group of Media Arts & Design Students from Singapore Polytechnic to add a whimsical and youthful spin to the Graciousness themed train design. Featuring the Thoughtful Bunch characters in luscious greenery and the use of pastel colours, the students’ design hopes to evoke a sense of feel-good emotions and positive vibes, drawing a parallel to how being thoughtful and gracious makes us feels good. The themed train will be running on the North East Line from 17 March to 11 May 2023.
Visuals for Graciousness Campaign 2023


5.         In November 2022, commuters who visited the Graciousness Booth at the Thomson-East Coast Line 3 Opening Event were asked to come up with designs on what thoughtfulness means to them. 30 designs were shortlisted and featured on the Thoughtful Wall at Outram Park MRT Station. Two of the submitted designs were also adapted into cup sleeves for the Thoughtful Sundae.

Sense of Touch

Taste and Smell

6.         To bring the Graciousness message closer to our everyday lives, LTA partnered Burger King to serve a time-limited “Thoughtful Sundae”. This sweet treat will be available for a limited period at all Burger King outlets from 21 March 2023. The Thoughtful Sundae, coconut ice-cream with chocolate drizzle, will be served with specially designed cup sleeves featuring the Thoughtful Bunch. The cup sleeve designs were adapted from the designs submitted by members of the public who participated in the Graciousness activity during the TEL3 Opening Event.

Sundae Cup


7.         While a quiet journey home is a more comfortable one, the public can also look forward to enjoying a selection of tunes (with headphones, of course) thoughtfully curated by the Thoughtful Bunch themselves. The Thoughtful Bunch Playlists will be launched on Spotify in the later part of 2023.

Thoughtful Bunch Playlists

About the Thoughtful Bunch

The five Thoughtful Characters, known as the Thoughtful Bunch, were introduced in 2014. They are:

  • Stand-Up Stacey: She is the thoughtfulness in you who gives up her seat for those who need it more.
  • Give-Way Glenda: She is the thoughtfulness in you who queues and lets others alight first.
  • Move-In Martin: He is the thoughtfulness in you who moves in so that others can board. 
  • Hush-Hush Hannah: She is the thoughtfulness in you who keeps her volume down so that others can enjoy a quieter ride.
  • Bag-Down Benny: He is the thoughtfulness in you who puts his bag down so that others have more room.
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