Factsheet: LTA Partners Temasek Polytechnic for New Vehicle Inspection Device

News Releases 17 May 2023 vehicle inspection Factsheet

1      The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has collaborated with Temasek Polytechnic to develop and deploy a new vehicle undercarriage inspection device (VID) which allows enforcement officers to perform checks for illegal modifications safely and more effectively.

2      The VID is a portable, remote-controlled device equipped with a movable camera and an attached light. With the ability to traverse different carpark and road surfaces, the compact and portable device supports enforcement checks to be conducted across varied locations and scenarios.

3      As the undercarriage of most vehicles can be low and difficult for enforcement officers to access, an officer can now use the VID to perform checks and have real time video footage streamed directly to a mobile device via a secure web application. The device also allows for different shooting angles through its movable camera arm and attached lighting system. This project was led by Temasek Polytechnic’s Senior Lecturer of Engineering, Peter Lim and Muhammad Haziq Bin Roslan, a recent graduate from the school’s Diploma in Mechatronics programme, in close collaboration with LTA.

4      LTA will deploy the first batch of 4 VIDs by the end of May 2023 to detect illegal modifications in the undercarriage such as welding marks and the removal of the catalytic converter or muffler box as part of its enforcement regime. The tampering of exhaust systems is a serious offence as it may affect the durability and reliability of a vehicle and increase the safety risks to both the driver and other road users. In addition, unapproved modifications may adversely impact the vehicle’s noise and exhaust emissions, resulting in environmental hazards.

5        A total of 14 VIDs will eventually be delivered to LTA and progressively deployed by end-2023.


Annex A – Vehicle Undercarriage Inspection Device (VID) 
Annex B – Photograph of Student with VID 
Annex C – Quotes

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