Relocation of Exit 26A to the Left Side of the PIE from 28 May 2023

News Releases 14 May 2023 road completion

        From Sunday 28 May 2023, 0500hrs, the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) Exit 26A will be relocated to the left side of the expressway. The current PIE Exit 26A (West bound towards Tuas) is located on the right side and vehicles must keep to Lane 1 to exit. The new PIE Exit 26A comprises the new Rifle Range underpass which runs under the PIE (West bound). With the new Exit on the left, motorists will be able to exit the PIE more smoothly and continue their travel towards Dunearn Road / Clementi Road and Upper Bukit Timah Road. There is no change in travelling direction after exiting. (See Annex A for illustration)

2.      Following the opening of the new exit, the previous PIE Exit 26A will be removed.  LTA will also realign the existing Hua Guan Avenue and progressively reinstate it into a standard dual 1-lane road.

3.      To construct the left exit, works were carried out in phases with diversions undertaken to minimise disruptions to the traffic on PIE and ensure safety of motorists and workers. Engineering challenges encountered include having to contend with a unique terrain with shallow rock outcrops and working within a narrow working corridor beside a “live” expressway. Controlled rock blasting was carried out in stages to remove the granite rock outcrop. This phase had been carefully calibrated due to the proximity of the site to residential developments and the PIE. COVID-19 and the resulting manpower crunch also posed additional challenges to the project.

4.      In the coming weeks, informational and directional traffic signs will be put out to inform and guide motorists of the relocation. Please refer to the Annexes for the map and photographs.

Annex A: Illustration of route by New (Left) Exit 26A
Annex B: Map
Annex C: Photograph of Existing (Right) Exit 26A To Be Closed
Annex D: Photograph of New (Left) Exit 26A

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