New Trains for North East Line to be Rolled Out for Passenger Service from 28 July 2023

News Releases 27 Jul 2023 North East Line new trains

            Six new trains for the North East Line (NEL) will be rolled out for service progressively from 28 July 2023. With their introduction, the size of the NEL fleet will increase from 43 to 49 trains.

2        All six new trains are equipped with condition monitoring systems. By collecting data from on-board equipment, these systems allow pre-emptive maintenance measures to be taken before faults occur, thereby enhancing service reliability. They also enable more efficient maintenance.

3        Two of the new trains are fitted with an Automatic Track Inspection (ATI) system – a first for the NEL. Cameras and sensors are installed on the underframe of these trains to monitor track conditions while the trains are in operation. This will improve detection of track defects, such as rail cracks, rail corrugation and missing rail fasteners. The ATI system complements existing physical track inspections, and enables more timely maintenance of tracks.

4        Manufactured and assembled by Alstom in Barcelona, Spain, the six new trains arrived in Singapore in April 2021. They have undergone comprehensive testing by LTA, SBST and Alstom, and will be put into passenger service once testing is complete.  Alongside the launch of new trains, the mid-life upgrade of the 25 first-generation NEL trains is progressing smoothly. The trains will receive enhancements such as newly renovated interiors, new condition-monitoring capabilities, and new air-conditioning and ventilation systems. Four trains have been upgraded so far, and the remaining trains will be progressively upgraded by 2026.

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