Commending Safety and Security Efforts for the Public Transport Sector

News Releases 29 Sep 2023 Public Transport Safety and Security Awards (PTSSA)

         The second edition of the Public Transport Safety and Security Awards (PTSSA) was held today to recognise public transport workers and the industry for their efforts to ensure safety and security across our public transport network. Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, attended the event this morning, together with about 380 award winners and representatives from the public transport sector.

2.       The PTSSA comprises two main award categories - Operator and Public Transport (PT) Worker. There were a total of eight awards across the two categories.

3        The Operator category recognises rail, bus and Point-to-Point transport operators with the best safety records, and who have demonstrated strong commitment to commuter and workplace safety. This year, the six awards were given out to four operators under this category.

4.         The PT Worker category comprises the Special Commendation and Star Awards. The Special Commendation Award recognises public transport workers for their timely actions and quick thinking in preventing potential safety or security incidents. Among the 28 recipients of the Special Commendation Award this year were public transport workers who had acted decisively to deter theft at bus interchanges and assisted motorists trapped in the wreckage of an accident.

5.       The Star Awards recognise both individuals and teams for their initiatives to create a safer and more secure workplace. This year, two individuals and 24 groups received Star Awards in recognition of their contributions to the development of new tools, systems, and processes to enhance workplace and operational safety and security.

6.       Ninety-six PT workers also received certificates as Safety Champions. This is a tripartite initiative to recognise their efforts to promote workplace safety and security. As Safety Champions, they will also mentor their fellow PT workers on the importance of workplace safety and security.

7.       Please refer to the Annex for the full list of award recipients.

About Public Transport Safety and Security Awards (PTSSA)

With millions of journeys made on public transport daily, operational and workplace safety is critical to achieving our goal of safe and reliable rides. At the same time, given the open and accessible nature of public transport, coupled with the high volume of commuters, it is essential that public transport workers remain vigilant and alert to potential security threats. Inaugurated in 2022, the PTSSA acknowledge the efforts of our public transport operators and workers in helping to achieve these important outcomes.

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