Four New Sandbox Trials to Grow the Electric Vehicle Charging Ecosystem

News Releases 11 Jun 2024 Electric Vehicle (EV)

          The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has approved four sandbox trials for battery charging and swapping system (BCSS) for electric heavy goods vehicles (e-HGVs) and mobile charging systems (MCS).

2.        These trials will allow LTA to better understand the technical and operational requirements of such technologies and to consider incorporating them in upcoming Technical Reference 25 (TR25)[1] reviews. The trials will gradually commence in the second half of 2024, and they will run for four years.

Electric Heavy Goods vehicles (e-HGV) sandbox

3.        Two successful BCSS sandbox applicants – PSA Corporation Ltd and a consortium comprising Strides Frontiers Pte Ltd and Ecoswift Pte Ltd – plan to provide battery swapping services for e-HGVs.

4.        PSA Corporation will deploy one BCSS station within PSA’s Pasir Panjang port terminal to serve six terminal electric prime movers and two on-road electric Inter Gateway Hauliers. These e-HGVs will support transportation needs within the ports and the terminal. The sandbox will also allow PSA to trial and develop harmonised charging facilities for e-HGVs, interoperable battery systems and common interfaces to ultimately enable usage by both port and on-road vehicle fleets of different makes and models.

5.        The consortium led by Strides Frontiers will partner with local logistics firms to provide e-HGV battery swapping services for up to 10 vehicles. A BCSS station will be set up at Tuas and the consortium aims to implement asset and route optimisation plans for the participating fleet of e-HGVs to ensure they can be charged at regular intervals.

EV Mobile Charging Systems sandbox

6.        To assess the safety and suitability of mobile charging technologies and standards for our local charging needs, LTA has approved the sandbox applications by Power-Up Tech Pte Ltd and Beecharge Innovation Group Pte Ltd.

7.        Power-Up Tech will provide up to 10 sets of mobile charging equipment with one charger each, to support the charging of electric vehicles including vans, trucks, and buses. Beecharge Innovation Group will deploy up to eight sets of mobile charging equipment to support shared EV providers and commercial fleet operators.

8.        These sandbox trials will provide LTA with new insights into the usage patterns for such charging services and allow the industry to demonstrate essential safety aspects of their solutions.

[1] Technical Reference 25 (TR 25) is the nationwide electric vehicle (EV) charging standard established in 2010 to provide technical safety requirements for the EV charging systems (EVCS) in Singapore and was reviewed in 2022.

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