Joint News Release by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) & SBS Transit - Temporary Service Adjustments on North East Line for Integration of New Punggol Coast Station

News Releases 12 Jun 2024 Punggol Coast Station North East Line (NEL)

          As part of ongoing rail expansion works, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and SBS Transit will carry out a series of works to integrate the new Punggol Coast station to the existing North East Line (NEL) network.

2.        To facilitate these testing and commissioning works, train services on the NEL will start later at 8.00am on four consecutive Sundays on 30 Jun, 7 Jul, 14 Jul, and 21 Jul 2024. To minimise the impact of these temporary service adjustments, alternative travel options will be provided for affected commuters on these days.

Alternative Travel Options

3.       Two shuttle bus services will be provided till 8.00am on the four Sundays for commuters affected by the late opening of the NEL. Shuttle Bus Service 21 will operate between Punggol and Serangoon stations while Shuttle Bus Service 22 will operate between Serangoon and HarbourFront stations. These shuttle bus services will operate at intervals of about three to eight minutes, making stops at each NEL station along their respective route. Fares for the shuttle bus services will follow the same fare structure as trains. Please refer to Annex A for more details of the shuttle bus services.

4.        Commuters can also use existing bus services (listed in Annex B) to transfer to other rail lines, such as the Circle Line, to continue their journey.

5.        Commuters are advised to plan their journeys in advance, and check for travel updates before starting their trips. Information will be available on LTA’s MyTransport.SG mobile app, as well as LTA’s and SBS Transit’s social media platforms. Commuters should also cater additional travel time when travelling between affected stations using the shuttle bus services. Station staff will also be deployed at affected stations during the temporary service adjustment period to provide assistance. Posters on the shuttle bus services and alternative travel routes will be displayed at the affected stations. The late opening hours will also be played regularly over the public address system at all stations.

6.        We appreciate commuters’ understanding and patience during this period, as we work towards opening of the new Punggol Coast station by end 2024 to enhance rail connectivity and provide greater convenience for commuters in the northeast region.

Annex A:  Shuttle bus arrangements for NEL
Annex B:  List of Public Bus Services Available at NEL Stations

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