Tengah Bus Interchange to Start Operations On 21 July 2024

News Releases 05 Jul 2024 bus interchange

Amendments to existing bus routes and introduction of a new service

            Commuters in Tengah can look forward to improved transport connectivity with the opening of Tengah Bus Interchange (BI) on Sunday, 21 July 2024. Located along Tengah Boulevard, the new BI will be managed by Tower Transit Singapore.

Building up connectivity for Tengah town

2          To enhance connectivity for the existing and new housing developments in Tengah, Service 992 will be extended to ply Tengah Garden Walk, Tengah Drive and Tengah Boulevard before terminating at the BI. Service 870 will also be extended to the new BI via Tengah Boulevard.

3        In addition, a new Service 871 will connect Tengah to Bukit Batok West, Bukit Gombak and Beauty World. This will provide Tengah residents with a connection to the North-South Line at Bukit Gombak station and the Downtown Line at Beauty World station. Service 871 will also connect to nearby schools in Bukit Batok and Bukit Gombak (i.e. Dazhong, Lianhua and Keming Primary Schools; Hillgrove Secondary School). Other key amenities accessible via Service 871 include the neighbourhood centres at Bukit Gombak and Bukit Batok East, and Bukit Gombak Stadium.

4        Information on Services 870, 871 and 992 will be available at all relevant bus stops, bus interchanges as well as on Tower Transit Singapore’s website. Commuters can also approach public transport staff for assistance.

5        We seek commuters’ understanding that our bus operators may require some time to familiarise themselves with the operations of the new bus interchange. Bus operators, with support from LTA, will monitor the situation closely and make necessary adjustments to ensure smooth bus journeys for commuters.

Commuter-Friendly Features

6        Similar to other new BIs, Tengah BI has been designed with inclusivity in mind, catering to families with young children, seniors, as well as those with mobility challenges. It will feature barrier-free access at entrances and a dedicated priority queue zone with seating at all boarding berths.

7        Other facilities include wheelchair-accessible toilets and changing room and a baby care room for parents. These facilities are equipped with auto-sliding doors operated by touchless sensors. The baby care and wheelchair accessible changing rooms also have audio cues to alert users when the doors are opening and closing. A commuter care room has also been catered for those who might require a quiet and calming space.

8          Besides enhanced commuter facilities, the BI will also include amenities for staff such as a canteen, dedicated staff toilets, cleaner’s room and staff lounge. The BI will also incorporate energy saving features such as auto-sensor taps and motion sensor lights.  

Annex A – Tengah BI location map and visuals, details of first two bus services for Tengah Residents 
Annex B - New Service 871
Annex C - Extension of Service 870
Annex D - Extension of Service 992

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