Singapore Rail Test Centre

Singapore Rail Test Centre

The Singapore Rail Test Centre (SRTC), located at Tuas, is the first railway testing facility in Southeast Asia. Previously known as the Integrated Train Testing Centre (ITTC), it is modelled after overseas testing centres with similar extensive rail networks. 

The SRTC plays a pivotal role in LTA’s ongoing efforts to renew, upgrade and expand the rail network. Occupying a site of approximately 50 hectares, it sits on the former Raffles Country Club. This new dedicated facility is designed to allow rigorous testing and commissioning of trains and other core railways systems for both new and existing rail lines.

Upon full completion, the SRTC will serve as a comprehensive testing platform for train systems before they are deployed on the main line, as well as with other railway systems including signalling, communications, power supply and integrated supervisory control systems.

Latest Updates

Phase 1 of the SRTC, which involved the construction of the high-speed test track (HSTT) is now completed. The HSTT is capable of testing trains with speeds of up to 100km/hr.

The first two Circle Line 6 (CCL6) trains are now undergoing testing and commissioning works on HSTT. Phase 2 of the SRTC entails construction of the two other test tracks (a 3-kilometre endurance looped track and a 2.8-kilometre performance and integration looped track), as well as the three-storey Administration Building, Operations Control Centre Building, maintenance and refurbishment workshops. 

Progress is on track and the SRTC is slated to be fully operational by 2025. 

Key Features

SRTC Test Tracks
  • Three different types of test tracks will allow for concurrent testing of trains and systems from different MRT rail lines

    • High Speed Test Track: A straight track with minimum curvature and gradients for maximum speed traction and brake testing
    • Performance & Integration Test Track: A looped test track with a branched S-track in the middle of the track for integrated train testing
    • Endurance Test Track: A looped test track with a section of uphill gradient for Train Mileage Accumulation Test 
  • More reliable train service with robust 24/7 testing of trains and integrated systems before deployment

  • Frees up engineering time for other maintenance works

  • Designed with BCA’s Green Mark Platinum Certification, the facility comes with energy saving features incorporated into its design and operations (including smart lighting control, solar photovoltaic system and hybrid cooling system)

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