Made for walking

Walking in Singapore’s weather can be challenging. LTA has a range of projects to improve connections between homes and public transport options, and to upgrade infrastructure for greater safety, comfort and convenience.

Pedestrians at a cross junction
Shelthered walkways

Walking home from the train station or bus stop? We’ve got you covered.

Since 2018, some 200km of sheltered walkways have been added island-wide as part of the Walk2Ride programme. Pedestrians can now enjoy a sheltered walk within 400m from all MRT stations and within 200m from bus interchanges, LRT stations and selected bus stops with high commuter volumes.

Infographic on covered walkways>

More lifts will also be installed to improve the accessibility of pedestrian overhead bridges. In 2018, LTA increased the number of lifts at overhead bridges by 40.

Some features in the Silver Zone

Silver Zones are being built in selected residential areas to enhance road safety for the elderly.

These zones will include:

  • Bright Fluorescent yellow-green signs and yellow rumble signs to alert motorists that they are entering a Silver Zone
  • "Rest points” along the road divider so that the roads can be crossed in two stages
  • Features such as rumble strips, chicanes (gentle curves along sections of roads) and lanes with reduced widths to lower vehicle speeds to 30km/h or 40km/h wherever possible
  • Roundabouts to smoothen traffic flow and reduce traffic conflict points
  • Low height centre dividers to reduce lane widths and encourage motorists to drive slower. In emergency situations, emergency vehicles can still drive over them safely

For more information, please visit OneMotoring.

LTA takes pedestrian safety seriously, especially near schools and housing estates. To improve the safety of roads for pedestrians and cyclists, LTA works with schools, representatives from the traffic police, town councils and the Ministry of Education. Below are some initiatives.

Raised zebra crossings

Raised zebra crossings painted in a distinct black-and-yellow checkered design. These elevated crossings are more visible and force vehicles to slow down.

Green Man+ at a pedestrian crossing

Green Man+, which gives elderly pedestrians and persons with disabilities extra time to cross the road. They can tap their concession cards on the reader at Green Man+ crossings to extend the length of time that the green man stays on for. 

Safety bollards at bus stops

Safety bollards with bright strips of yellow retro-reflective sheeting and black arrows make bus stops more visible. In case of an accident, they can absorb the direct brunt of impact to protect commuters. They are also specially designed to dissipate the energy of an impact evenly to protect drivers and passengers. The first bollard is designed to fall upon high impact, while the rest hold the vehicle to protect commuters at bus stops.

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