Intelligent Transport Systems

Across the island, over a 160km network of expressways and road tunnels, hundreds of gadgets, sensors and cameras gather data on traffic flow, travelling times and road demand to give you the information that helps you make decisions on how you get to places.

Collectively called the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), this web of data collection technologies forms a dynamic, real-time picture of the ebb and flow of a population moving through their daily lives. ITS uses the sensors, traffic and control systems, and data analytics, to maximise road network efficiency capacity, monitor and manage traffic flow, and make our roads safer.

The vision, key strategies and focal areas of ITS is set out in the Smart Mobility 2030 (PDF, 11.6mb) master plan, a roadmap jointly developed by LTA and the Intelligent Transportation Society. The goal of this plan is to meet transport challenges in a systematic and coordinated manner for smarter urban mobility in the future.

Integrated, Real-Time Traffic Information


At the heart of all the ITS is the i-Transport. All of ITS data is connected to i-Transport which is an integrated and unified platform, that which makes sense of and disseminates the information for traffic monitoring and incident management in the ITS Operations Control Centre. An intelligent and large scale back-end transportation system, it fully integrates existing ITS while allowing for expansion to include new ones. i-Transport also possesses the capability to fuse the collected raw traffic data from the ground sensors and transform them into relevant traffic information to be used for traffic analysis and planning, and to better inform transport policies.

ITS Operations Control Centre (OCC)

Working 24/7 to help maintain smooth traffic, the ITS OCC monitors traffic and manages incidents on our expressways and road tunnels via the i-Transport and various ITS. The OCC deploys ground recovery crew and traffic marshals to assist motorists in distress, and works closely with agencies such as the Singapore Police Force and Singapore Civil Defence Force to recover incidents as quickly as possible.

LTA shares real-time traffic data (PDF, 3.2mb) to the industry and public through:

  • Webcam images along expressways and major roads;
  • Traffic information on traffic incidents, indicative traffic speeds, estimated travel time on expressways, locations of roadworks, faulty traffic light signals, Expressway Monitoring Advisory System (EMAS) messages and ERP rates; and
  • Parking Guidance System on carpark lot availability for major shopping malls in the Marina Centre, Orchard and HarbourFront areas.

As a motorist, you are encouraged to stay updated to real time traffic advisory information by tuning in to LTA Traffic News on 938LIVE, Capital 95.8FM, Warna 94.2FM and Oli 96.8FM or read the news online at You can also stay connected to real-time traffic news by following the LTATrafficNews on Twitter or checking the mobile app.

LTA also provides information to Traffic Message Channel Location Table and turn restriction table.


Find out more about the various systems below.

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